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The 5 Types of Students in Every Miami Classroom

All of us have different priorities: for the good students, it’s probably class and flawless papers, and for others, it’s Trashcans and margarita night. But there always people in between that really even out the different characters on campus, and at The Black Sheep, we wanted to break them down, because making hasty generalizations about our classmates is fun.


The Intense Note Taker
This kid is normally front and center, jotting down literally everything that comes out of the professor’s mouth word. for. word. This guy also does the assignments early and outlines each chapter of the textbook before the exam. Fuck this guy.


The Guy that Shows Up Exclusively for Exams… Sometimes
This “student” only comes to class when it’s time for a grade, even though there is a slim to none chance of even getting a semi-decent grade on it. These people really have no idea what’s going on, so you can imagine the surprise they have when what they thought was a history exam is actually a stats exam, and they really probably need a calculator. Whoops!


The Online Shopper
This person is a mix between the two above: not really knowing what’s going on but at least gives the common courtesy to show up. But this person can’t be bothered to pay attention with half off at Tobi or the new boyfriend jeans or bralettes from Urban Outfitters. They can also be found constantly on their phones, because they clearly have more friends than you and you should feel bad about that. 


The Kid that Reminds the Professor of Upcoming Due Dates
Probably the most hated person in the room. Why are you reminding the teacher of the stuff we have to work on? Like, sure, we all admire your responsibility and awareness of what is going on. But sit down and shut up, kiddo.


The Person Who’s Always Leaving the Room
What are you doing? Like is your bladder really small or are you trying to get the attention of someone in the room? Or an important phone call? Hungover and on the verge of puking? Had too much coffee and the walls are closing in you? Whatever it is, hopefully it’s really cool because you’ve left the room 11 times in 45 minutes. 


In the end, no matter what type of student you are, we have faith that you are bright beyond your years, as well as on the fast track to success. We accept you for the type of student you are, but seriously, never remind the professor of any upcoming research papers, that’s silly.

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