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The 7 Deadly Sins of ECU


Everybody’s gotta sin now and then, as great as we are, even those of us at ECU fall victim to Satan’s soul shopping spree. The Black Sheep is here to tell y’all what we’ve spotted—and say that it’s okay! We’re all guilty of doing these things, so read up, know you’re not alone, and relax.



Pride is often referred to as Hubris and is sometimes closely linked with a high self-status. What else fits this better than Rush Week? Every girl rushing probably prides themselves in their accomplishments and expensive purple and gold clothes from UBE. Sometimes it’s worse than the other, but for the most part, it’s a good thing. Don’t stop being proud of yourself, girls! It’ll get you far in life. You’ll need that enthusiasm when it comes to interviewing for jobs as a post-grad. 



Usually, greed is used to signify a longing for wealth or power. The simplest way to explain this, is tuition fees. With all those required fees, it seems like all ECU wants is our money and wasted trips to the Old Cafeteria Complex’s financial aid office. They like to trick us into thinking we’re here for our minds, but then they hit us with that tuition bill notification from Pirate Port, and it’s hard not to think otherwise.



Lust can be considered anything from sex, to wanting expensive things. In short, it’s a strong desire. With all of the bars and clubs around campus, this is tough to avoid. Whether it’s grinding on each other, buying a pretty girl a drink, or actually going home with someone, Greenville’s downtown clubs are nothing but lust.



Envy, or Jealousy, is pretty self-explanatory. This usually comes out during football season. It can play a role in basketball and other sports too, but, c’mon, people get the most pumped at Dowdy-Ficklen stadium for aggressive, drunken, envious fun. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we all get a little envious of other teams as they celebrate their win. Effin’ Chapel Hill… Whether we act on it or not depends on how much wrath we hold in. Wrath is another story, but we like to think that our envy goes away during those after-game parties.



Wrath is better known to the majority as anger. Like we specified earlier, your envy can vary and sometimes turn into wrath, but that’s not always the case. People’s wrath most often show while they’re in a drunken state, like at a post-game party, or club, if someone steals whoever they were flirting with. ECU alerts make sure the entire campus knows when someone acts on that anger. Crime in the streets, tornadoes rampant, we know ECU alerts only pop off due to the wrath of nature.



Over-indulgence. We’ve all been there, right? Whether we’re binge watching Netflix or finally got that take-out we’d been thinking about all week. The best example of this are those all you can eat West End and Todd Dining Halls. Todd and West End are the culprits behind our ‘Freshman-15’ and we’re only a little mad. No matter how much we try to stop ourselves, the make-your-own pasta bar is just so tempting.



As finals are approaching, each and every one of us is falling victim to this. Students have started stacking their Enos one on top of the other just to get some relaxation time. The trees right next to the Cupola are teeming with people saying that they’re going to study, but we all know a nap is far more tempting than reading over those Organic Chemistry notes.


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