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The Black Sheep Answers UNT Class of 2020’s Desperate Questions


We looked through the Twitter hasthag #UNT20 to find the questions that incoming UNT students have been asking. In an act of service, we decided to answer some of them.



Time Machine: 

Unfortunately, Glen Coco, it cannot. Time cannot be sped up or slowed down and thus it cannot be August for another six months. Everyone loves August, but just because you want time to move faster doesn’t mean it will.



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Which Dorm is Best?:

This is a part of the admissions process that gets way too much attention. It’s a much better decision to leave everything to chance. This is why everyone loves Russian roulette! Because it’s fun. And if you end up not in a hall you can always sleep in the Willis stairwa



Don’t Join Groupme: 

Even if there is, you don’t want to join it.  Groupme is a special type of hell where emojis reign supreme.



UNT Website Probs Starting Early:   

If you are not okay with having trouble logging into things, UNT might not be the school for you. Or any school for that matter. In a perfect world, logging in would be a no hassle task. Many times throughout your time at UNT you will attempt to login and fail. You must persevere, or drop out.



TTU or UNT?: 

Do you enjoy watching tumbleweeds? Do you enjoy sitting alone in vast expanses of nothingness? Than TTU is for you! If you don’t like those things than UNT might be a better choice. We might suffer from a lack of activities and info, but at least at UNT we have some information and some activities.



UNT or ASU?: 

Using a twitter poll to make a significant life decision leads to the conclusion that @McDaddy_Spam should head over to ASU. Also choosing the twitter handle @McDaddy_Spam is further evidence that ASU might be the better place for McDaddy.



Young Hipster Padawan:

Big Mike’s coffee shop is a place you will want to visit. Also the small alley next to it where hipster friends hang out and smoke cigarettes. Hipster boy will find hipster friends there. You can also just stand in front of the art building, which will also work.



Sooooo Live:   

UNT looks and is soooooo live. Deciding to go to a school entirely based on how live it seems is the best way to go. The Mean Green is very live. It’s our biggest draw other than our football team. Also, thanks for letting us all know your birthday. On behalf of the Internet, we all really appreciate that.



Seriously, Don’t Join the Groupme:    

Once again, you are going down a path you don’t want to be going down. Groupme is a spiral staircase into the abyss of insanity. Truly, it will eat your soul and consume your life.



Don’t Drop Out:   

This is just a really good piece of advice. Dropping out after three weeks is a poor decision. Do not be like that guy. Nigerian Papi knows what’s up.


If any other #UNT20 kiddos have more questions and want real answers, please follow and tweet us at @BlackSheep_UNT. We’ll set ya’ straight. 


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