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The Black Sheep Celebrates Black Sheep History Month


February is Black Sheep History Month – a month dedicated to looking back on history’s oddballs and outliers, or “black sheep,” as they’ve come to be known. Obviously, many of us at The Black Sheep feel a special connection with black sheep, so we hope to celebrate Black Sheep History Month by recognizing the most influential black sheep the world has seen.


Barack Obama

In 2008, Barack Obama made history when he became the first person with a last name that begins with O to be elected president of the United States. Prior to his election, America had over 200 years of presidents whose last names didn’t begin with O, but Obama has given hope to people with last names that begin with O that they, too, could one day become the leader of the free world.


Osama bin Laden

It may surprise you to know that the bin Ladens are, for the most part, an ordinary family. Osama aside, the bin Ladens are actually a wealthy, peace-loving family that owns one of the largest construction companies in the world, and that don’t wish to bring death to America. But you know how it is – every family has that one embarrassing relative who successfully orchestrates a series of coordinated attacks on the Western world.


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Many religious scholars regard Buddha as a black sheep among the prophets of God. While most prophets would follow a strict regimen in order to maintain a godlike physique, Buddha would sit under a tree for weeks at a time. This sedentary lifestyle, in addition to a diet of pizza and Cheetos, made Buddha overweight. Jesus even said, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me, not even that fat guy Buddha.”


That Girl Who Says She’s Not Like Other Girls

You know that girl who tells you she’s different from all the other girls? That girl is one of a kind. According to herself, she hates drama, she’s not clingy or crazy, she’s fun and intelligent, and she even has a great sense of humor. You can trust that she’s definitely not like most girls.


This Black Sheep


this blacksheepalone


See that black sheep? He was the black sheep of his flock. But it had nothing to do with his color. No, this black sheep was considered unusual because he stayed home and watched anime while all the other sheep went out and partied and got laid. He also suffered from social anxiety, as well as a stuttering problem, which is why many sheep picked on him. It’s sad, really. That black sheep had so much potential, but he never believed in himself.


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