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The Black Sheep Gives UK Class of 2020 Advice


We all remember what it was like getting accepted to UK: it felt like a dream come true, and now we’re here, suffering through midterms and considering dropping out (working at Spearmint Rhino couldn’t be so bad…right?). For the incoming class of 2020, it seems that as time goes by, there are more resources for talking to other admitted incoming freshmen on the web. This week, The Black Sheep evaluated the UK Class of 2020’s Facebook page and came across some pretty funny questions, and because we’re such a kind and generous group of people, we’ve decided to help out these fresh-meats.




Here’s a bit of advice for incoming freshies: no actual frat guy would post something this stupid on Facebook. We loved, “If you don’t crush natties like how Kieran Lee crushes box don’t even come thru.” You’re literally the definition of a tool. Stop.




Wow, you’ve just described about 99% of college students in this post. It’s time to just accept that you will have the same first year roommate experience as everyone: completely fucking horrible.


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Even though this info is available online, we don’t blame you for asking as UK Housing is as unorganized as your room will look about a month after moving in. The only thing we can promise you here is that you’ll get them before you move in. Probably.




No, there’s no orientation deadline. It’s not like you have to do it before school actually starts or anything…




Your best bet is to avoid any 2020 GroupMe now, because as soon as you come to college your phone will be constantly blown up by GroupMe notifications, whether it’s class groups, hall mates, or clubs. Enjoy the peace and quiet now, while you still have it.






Yes. Dear god, yes. It’s one of the strangest phenomena here at the University of Kentucky just how many people really are from “Chicago.” It’s even stranger how many of these people are not actually from Chicago at all! As we can see your location is from Hickory Hills, Illinois, we’re sure you’re one of the people who says you’re from Chicago when you’re actually not. As if UK needs another one of those…




No, sorry, here at the University of Kentucky, we don’t have any agriculture majors. Actually, just completely ignore the College of Agriculture. It’s a façade. In a state with lots of farmers and agriculture in itself, we don’t in fact have any agriculture majors. Sorry 🙁




Unfortunately, there is no Chili’s or Ruby Tuesday on campus. Those are some random restaurants that would be on a college campus though (hint-hint UK Dining).




Bit of advice, this may be the strangest way to find a roommate, but also pretty effective. Who WOULDN’T want to live with this jazzy ripped party boy?


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