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The Black Sheep Interviews: Ms. Killings


It goes without saying Ms. Killings is the jewel of Florida State. She’s the kind face that greets you when you’re on your way to get a meal and she never goes without saying “Thanks I love ya!” Even if you don’t eat at Suwanne anymore, she’s the type of person where you could just pop in there to say hello and she will immediately brighten up your day. Therefore, The Black Sheep decided to pop in and interview Ms. Killings, because we missed her.


The Black Sheep: Where were you born?

Ms. Killings: “Tallahassee born and raised! I moved to Ocala for a bit but found my way back later on.”


TBS: What do you do in your spare time when you are not professing your love to FSU students?

MK: “I like to do my word search puzzle. I love my puzzles. I’m always listening to my gospels while I’m doing my word search.”


TBS: What’s your favorite meal served here?

MK: “Barbeque ribs and macaroni and cheese and corn bread. It is just so good!”


TBS: Do you go to a lot of the home games?

MK: “Well I go to some home games. I’m a huge fan of the Seminoles. And everyone is so nice to me when I go! I love seeing my babies.”


TBS: Who are you voting for in the 2016 election?

MK: “I don’t vote right now. It’s hard to decide. I have to wait until that time to see who I’m going to select. It’s a process.”


TBS: If you were granted three wishes how would you spend them?

MK: “Traveling. And spending time with my grands.” (grandchildren) .


TBS: What about the third wish?

MK: “ Just two. Just traveling and my babies.”


TBS: What’s the most exciting thing that has happened to you at FSU?

MK: “Being excited about a football game last year I was recognized for my appearance at half time- I was really surprised!”


TBS: What’s the most exciting that that has happened when you working for Suwannee?

MK: “I was just chosen for an award! I’m going to Arizona on the 19th for an award.”


TBS: What was the award?

(She took a break from swiping students in to go to the back to get her purse. She came back with a letter from Aramark congratulating her for being an exceptional employee. Only 200 out of 270,000 employees and managers were selected for the award.)


MK: “It’s called the ‘Ring of Stars’ award. I’m going to Arizona to get it!”


TBS: If you could have one super power what would it be?

MK: “To give love to everyone. I would. I just love everyone. I want everyone to be happy. I would fly around and touch everyone with a little love. I love to feed people. I’ll feed students if they don’t have enough money. I just want everyone to be full and happy.”


Photo credit: FSU News

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