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The Black Sheep Interviews: Naughty_Norms


One school Snapchat has captured the hearts of Niners everywhere. From boobs, parties, weed, sketchy white powder, geese, and pond-diving, this snapchat provides us with an anonymous glimpse into the ultimate (and often x-rated) UNCC shenanigans. Curious about the legend with the tasks of every college boy’s dream, The Black Sheep landed an interview with the ~mysterious~ owner of the account, Naughty_Norms!


The Black Sheep: Hey Naughty _Norms, how’s it going? Thanks for talking with us!

Naughty_Norms: It’s my pleasure.


TBS: What made you want to start a UNCC Snapchat account?
NN: Honestly I saw the clt_niners account and I just wanted to make it better. One day I just decided to do it.


TBS: Is there anyone else besides you behind the account?
NN: The account is run primarily by me but a fellow associate also helps me when I’m busy.


TBS: What’s the craziest Snapchat you’ve ever gotten?
NN: Probably the time that someone sent a video of a student climbing on the underside of the SoVi bridge with the caption “Someone hold my beer.”


TBS: How did you come up with the name?
NN: It was going to be Naughty_Niners but I decided on Naughty_Norms one day when I saw a yik yak post saying “I love UNCC so much I could be Norm the fucking Niner!”.


TBS: What’s the future of Naughty Norms? Would you ever pass it down, or just lay it to rest?
NN: I’ll probably lay it to rest at the end of the year. I accomplished my goal of having over 10% of the school view my story so now I’m shooting for 5,000 followers by the end of the year.


TBS: We’re also curious about you! Hopefully you don’t mind a few questions for the Niner Nation. How old are you?
NN: I’m 19.


TBS: What are you studying?
NN: I’m studying Communications with a focus in Mass Media.


TBS: What’s a must-do around UNCC?
NN: Get fucked up and get on Naughty_Norms.


TBS: Fuck, Marry, Kill- Katy Perry, John Cena, Taylor Swift?
NN: Fuck Katy Perry, Marry Taylor Swift, and Kill JOHN CENAAAAA!


TBS: What’s the best Snapchat you’ve ever received?
NN: Probably the guy who went swimming in the SoVi pond for 3 dabs.


TBS: What has Naughty_Norms taught you about UNCC?
NN: A whole lot of people do blow.


TBS: Why should people read The Black Sheep?
NN: Because it’s Naughty approved.


There you have it! If you’re wanting more laughs, you can follow The Black Sheep’s snapchat at BlackSheep_UNCC, it’s like Naughty_Norms with less blow!


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