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The Black Sheep Interviews: Paradise Fears


The Black Sheep got an exclusive interview with Paradise Fears who preformed at GV back in January. Of course we didn’t ask them any questions with substance or philosophical thought, that’s just not our style. Where’s the fun in that?




The Black Sheep: So we’ve heard that some people need to eat. What’s your favorite food?

PF: Lasagna, broccoli


TBS: The question on everyone’s mind is why the hell did you come to GVSU? You could’ve gone to, like, MSU or something.

PF: That was the signature on the email we got…


TBS: What’s your favorite band? You can’t say yourself. 

PF: The Beatles! But not that one.


TBS: We consider him the precious gem of GVSU, but what do you think T. Haas is?

PF: The president!


TBS: What do you think of GVSU? Please, no comments on the smell or weather.

PF: I really enjoy it. The glass building caught me eye.


TBS: If you were a fruit what would you be?

PF: Banana; I’m long and skinny.


TBS: That’s…disturbing. Anyway, favorite brand of underwear, women’s or otherwise?

PF: The non-kind.


TBS: Oooo senusal. Anything funny/cool you have to say to The Black Sheep?

PF: You belong somewhere and it is right here.


The interview was short and sweet – Paradise Fears had other things on their agenda to do besides hanging out at Kirkhof (aka doing anything else). We can safely say we learned a little more about Paradise Fears and hopefully you did too (hint: commando bananas).


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