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The Black Sheep Investigates: The State of the Buy or Sell Group

The UConn Buy or Sell Tickets Facebook group boasts a healthy 22,227 members. The ultimate melting pot of UConn some may say. However, the Buy or Sell you know today, is a far cry from what it once was. The Black Sheep has done some investigative reporting, to try and find out what the Buy or Sell Tickets group was, is, and what it will become.


The group naturally pre dates my time here at UConn, but I have been told by Husky alum, that it was formed to… you’ll never guess… buy and sell tickets. Yes, in simpler times people actually used the group for its intended use. Something students of today have a hard time doing. Paul, 21, had this to say regarding his attempt at selling a basketball ticket:


“I posted hoping to sell my ticket and get enough cash so my bum ass could pay Nickel cover. Within ten minutes I had 9 comments on my post. Unfortunately none resembled any interest in the ticket. Instead it was a slew of banana for scale jokes, people asking if I even lift, and one of your writers, Mike Mancini, posting photos of his father enjoying an ice cream cone. It was incredibly unsettling.” 


So if the Buy or Sell is no longer primarily used to orchestrate ticket exchanges in the greenhouse behind MSB (because these things always go down sketchier than a drug deal for some reason), then what is it used for? Emily, 19, claims it is now used for the good of the community:


“If you open Buy or Sell right now, I bet you find at least five people trying to help others get their lost ID, avoid a parking ticket, and other acts of kindness. It is the easiest platform to reach others, and make a positive impact on the community.”


We can’t argue that, there are some really great people in the group, who are always focused on the well being of a fellow Husky. BUT, and that is a big ol’ Nicki Minaj butt… there are many terrible, terrible trolls that lurk the dark corners of the page. The Black Sheep sat down and talked to one of these “trolls,” who asked to remain anonymous.


TBS: So, what is it you do on the Buy or Sell page?


Troll: I make people laugh, crack some jokes, and post some memes


TBS: Don’t you think what you’re doing is cluttering the page? Diluting it from its true purpose?


Troll: Not at all. Think about it, how often would you check the page if it was just ticket sales? Basketball game nights. That’s it. But when you have people like myself, it adds flavor and variety.


TBS: Fair enough. What was the weirdest thing being sold that you ever saw on the Buy or Sell?

Troll: Well that big ol’ black double sided dildo a few weeks back was strange. Also it amazes me when people try and sell their cars on there….


TBS: Yeah probably not the best place to list your 2002 Silver Honda Civic! Low Mileage! Great condition, what I’m trying to get at here is are you interested in buying a car?


Troll: Uhhh… No.


TBS: What do you see the state of the Buy or Sell group, say 5 years from now?


Troll: I think we do need to bring back the marketplace aspect a bit. Get back too the roots, but tickets are boring. People should sell some UConn related shit, that’s more exciting!


TBS: Care to give us an example?


Troll: A bag of Shabazz’s pubes.


TBS: …And that’s where we’ll end this interview, thanks for your time.


So there you have it, the Buy or Sell is far from the humble online ticket-trading venue that it once was. Today, it is a general forum for all things UConn; acting as a lost and found, tons of stolen Reddit/Buzzfeed/Barstool content, and apparently pictures of Mancini’s dad eating ice cream. The group is truly the best way to reach 22,000 UConn students, alumni and trolls at once, which makes it a powerful tool. But remember that with great power, comes great responsibility… like posting anti Herbst jokes and big dildos that were “found” outside the Union. Be careful that you don’t violate this responsibility, because Buy or Sell is a ruthless place.


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