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The Black Sheep’s MSU Search and Find


Spring is finally here, and with it comes the holiday tradition of a bunny stealing another animal’s eggs, intricately painting them, and then sneakily giving them to children. Don’t get us wrong, getting random eggs is always a fun event, but chances are the fun and games of Easter ended when your age reached double digits. Have no fear, The Black Sheep loves fun, and has provided MSU students with their very own Easteresque Scavenger Hunt. Print this baby out and start checking off these prizes before the East Lansing elementary school does.


[  ] A Fake ID:

We’ll start you off with an easy one. These babies are everywhere, and the best place to find one is off Grand River on Saturday night. If its owner got good use out of it, then there’s a good chance they drunkenly dropped it on the ground when they went to tuck it in their back pocket. You want it? Take it. The Easter Bunny would want you to have it. Besides, who’s not gonna believe you’re an organ donor from Rhode Island named Keanu Reeves Jr.?


[  ] A U of M Fan a.k.a. Your Mortal Enemy:

Yeah, we don’t want to encounter them either, but this is a good way to hunt them out and make sure they never show their faces in this godforsaken town ever again. 


[  ] Tree:

Alright, this one is tricky, but stay with us for a second. Apparently they’re all over the place, or at least that’s what the Natural Science department excitedly informed us. Take some time and hunt down a tree. That’s right, a real tree. Don’t fake yourself and make a papier-mâché tree, or dress up your roommate like an English oak. Go out and appreciate a real, living, down to earth tree. You will not regret this.  


[  ] Lady in the Horticulture Gardens Doing CrossFit:

We’re not saying there’s a lady in the Horticulture Gardens doing CrossFit, but we’ve never been told there isn’t one. Let us know.


[  ] Parkour:

You don’t have to find someone else doing it, you just have to find yourself doing it.


[  ] Your Dignity:

We’re gonna level with you here and admit that we looked at the stats, and there’s yet to be someone who has successfully found their dignity around MSU. Chances are you lost it freshman year of Welcome Week and never regained an ounce of self-worth since. Areas with high rates of lost dignities have been Rick’s, frats, and the Starbucks on Grand River where you panicked and ended up ordering nothing but a cup of whipped cream. Idiot.


[  ] Ben Affleck’s Ghost:

He is still very much alive, but his presence here is not, and the knowledge of this forever haunt this school. Word on the street is his raspy Batman voice echoes day and night through the Batman v. Superman film set a.k.a. the Broad.


Nothing says spring like a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt, so get in the spirit and find these hidden treasures before they’re gone!

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