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The Movies You Didn’t Know Were Filmed at Pitt

The Black Sheep has some deep insider knowledge into the movie industry in Hollywood. As it turns out, Pitt has been a hotspot for filming movies for many, many years now. We’re going to tell you what huge Hollywood films have been shot right where you’re probably sitting right now.


Cathedral of Learning

The Cathedral is a gothic beauty and has been a hotspot for filming medieval pieces, the most well-known being The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Now, you may be thinking such things as, “Isn’t that movie animated?” and, “Wouldn’t Notre Dame be a better place to film a movie about Notre Dame?” And to that we say, “Use your imagination!” Another incredibly well known movie filmed there would be all the Harry Potters. Cathy was the first choice to show off Hogwarts, especially because of the Slavic Department doing all those weird vampire rituals upstairs and the Necronomiclub meetings in the basement.


Sutherland Hall

So you all know how Sutherland is way up on a hill? Well, it’s also haunted and although we have no proof of that, we did get scared because we heard weird moaning and saw a freshman come out of the bathroom like he saw a ghost one time. Also, The House on Haunted Hill was filmed there in like 1959 and Sutherland was opened in 1992, so how’s that for haunted? So unless you live there, in which case you must be a skeleton or a ghost, you should never go up to Sutherland again.


Forbes Hall

Down on the mean streets of Oakland stands the stronghold of crime known as Forbes Hall. At night Forbes Hall acts as the home to such hooligans as roller skater gangs getting their exercise and underage students stumbling around yelling drunk obscenities. That’s why The Godfather, Goodfellas, and Scarface were all shot there. Yes, none of these movies are actually set in Pittsburgh, but there’s no street as hard as Forbes Avenue.


Nordenberg Hall

It’s well-known around campus that Nordenberg is full of the richest of the rich here at campus (even though its payment is only like $200 more than other halls) and everyone inside enjoys caviar and hates the people from the other dorms. So when the creators of American Psycho were looking for a group to base their main character off of and a place to put him, they looked no further than Nordenberg hall and the psychos who live in it. Don’t those rooms look so similar it’s uncanny?


The Schenley Quadrangle

Animal House is the biggest college party movie out there and it is based upon and filmed in the halls of the dorms in the quad. Yes, Pitt used to be as boring as Faber College in the film and didn’t want John Belushi and his frat buddies drinking heavily and causing a ruckus. And yes, the kids in the Schenley Quad still like making that much noise 24/7.


The Towers

The Litchfield Towers are the Lord of the Rings’s Two Towers, they just edited out the third one. They truly are places full of scary orcs and bad guys.


Now, after all that buzz about Will Smith filming here a couple of months ago, you may realize that Pitt is a hotbed for stars to come and make movies that make no sense to be made here. Just wait until we see Harrison Ford and Chewbacca here to film the newest Star Wars in Soldiers and Sailors within the next couple of months.

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