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The Nard-Dog is Our Valedictory Speaker

The University announced yesterday that Ed Helms would give the 2015 Valedictory Address on May 15, 2015. In case you just read that sentence and silently asked yourself why you should care, we’ll tell you. This is exciting news. We have a real life famous person with little to no connection to the university coming to tell us what it means to be out in the real world with fake people and fake friends in The Office. However, Ed Helms is one interesting guy, so we’re prepared to offer a couple of reasons why he is a standout choice for Valedictory Speaker.


He could burst into song at any moment.
Let’s be honest, this is Andy Bernard we’re talking about. He was a member of Here Comes Treble at Cornell (haven’t you heard of it?) and some of his most memorable moments have been in song. We’re hoping he takes the time to sing us words of wisdom, preferably while playing one of the many stringed instruments that he’s taken up.


He has already sang with the Hullabahoos.
The Hullabahoos were invited onto The Office once to guest star as the current members of Here Comes Treble and what was produced was musical magic and Wahoo pride. It’s only fair that we welcome Ed onto Grounds with the same courtesy.


He was a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade
Which means this speech is going to be funny. That’s what comedians do. They talk for a living to get a laugh. That makes this address worth seeing for entertainment value in and among itself. Plus he probably knows Amy Poehler.


There could be some really fantastic story involved
Ed was Stu in The Hangover, that alone ranges from losing a tooth, to accidentally getting married, to getting a face tattoo, and singing to a tiger. Next stop on the agenda? Speaking at UVa. Make sure to check out Boylan that Thursday night because there’s a hot chance Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Justin Bartha could show up to get the party going.


No matter how you look at it, Ed Helms will provide nothing short of entertainment for the crowds of JPJ during Valedictory Exercises; our hats go off to the University. Ten points to anyone that gets him to sing the tiger song on stage.

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