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The O’Hill Secret Menu: Brunch Edition


You’ve been sick of UVA dining halls for about, hmm… carry the one, add a month… FOREVER. If you have the dining hall blues, and just can’t find something new and exciting to satisfy the foodie you really are within the confines of O’Hill, Runk and Newcomb, try a little DIY on the school’s dime. The dining halls have lots of little secrets that you may not know about (other than laxatives and food poisoning), and we’re here to help you realize their full potential.


The “Four Way Wahoowaffle”:




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There’s nothing better after a long day than the comfort of a warm Belgian waffle. What’s better about this waffle is that you make it yourself at the waffle station, so it’s guaranteed to be hot and fresh. To make the Four Way you will need:


-Waffle batter

-Peanut butter

-Strawberry jam

-Grape jelly

-Lite cream cheese (spreads better)

-Whipped cream (from the pancake bar)

-Chocolate chips

-Cherry topping

-Confectioner’s sugar


Make your waffle according to the directions provided on the machine and then properly dress each fourth of your waffle as follows: one section peanut butter and grape jelly, one section lite cream cheese and strawberry jam, one section cherry topping (or apple) and confectioner’s sugar, one section whipped cream and chocolate chips. Eat and relish. Pictured above with iced coffee and an orange.


The “Egg McCormick”:




This eggy breakfast sandwich is perfection. Unbeknownst to most, you can go to the breakfast station at O’Hill and ask them to make you a fried egg however you’d like it prepared, and they’ll fry it for you on the spot and nicely place it right on top of your bagel/sandwich/English muffin. For this specific sandwich, we used a sesame bagel and an egg over-easy. To create the Egg McCormick you’ll need:


-Bagel, english muffin, toast or whateverthefuck kind of bread you’d like to use

-An egg prepared however you’d like

-A slice of cheese from the deli





Start by slicing and toasting your bagel or the bread of your choice. Head to the breakfast station and ask nicely if they’ll fry you an egg. Once they put the egg on your bagel, go immediately to the deli counter and have them put a piece of cheese on top of the egg and close your bagel sandwich to melt the cheese. Top your egg and cheese with some sriracha, add your bacon from the breakfast section and head to the salad bar for some fresh spinach. Other delicious ideas include adding sautéed veggies from the omelet station, a sausage patty, or anything your little hungover heart desires. Pictured above with apple slices and a glass of orange juice.


The “Lawn Garden Salad”:




This healthy meal is definitely more the “-unch” part of brunch, if that’s what you’re into. The fresh salad is made even better at brunch when the salad bar has just been stocked for the day. Anyone can make a salad from the bar, but what makes this one extra special is the meat from the Copper Hood. This takes the salad to a whole new level and puts the Oh! back in O’Hill. Try one for yourself:


-Romaine lettuce





-Bleu cheese


-Copper hood pork chop

-Italian dressing


Combine all ingredients from the salad bar on your plate except for the granola and dressing. Take your salad to the Copper Hood and ask them for the meat on your salad, return to the salad bar and top with granola and dressing for a zesty finish. Pictured above with fruit punch.


The “Dirty Laundry Bowl”:




Though the name may sound less than healthy, don’t let it keep you from making this simply delicious and nutritious Juice Laundry inspired smoothie bowl. For a light brunch item, the bowl is beautifully complex and protein-packed for a long Sunday of homework and fighting off a drinking-induced headache. Take a dip:


-Strawberry yogurt (salad bar)


-A whole banana (stacked randomly around O’Hill)

-Chocolate chips

-Peanut butter


Slice banana. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and enjoy. Pictured above with fresh cucumber infused water and cucumber slices to garnish.

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