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The Top 5 Places to Nap at UNT


It’s 4 a.m. and you’ve been up for twenty-one long hours cramming for that big test. The mirror reveals to you that you look like a cadaver that was beaten with a shovel and people saying you’re being as bitter as a divorced janitor. The Black Sheep is tired of seeing these fatigued emotionless people moping around campus looking like Oprah Winfrey’s FUPA. So stop being an Adderall-induced zombie and go find a place to nap you moron.


5.) This Cozy Nook by the Language Building:


1 11.42.32 AM


Although it’s easily overlooked, and hard to break the lock, this is easily one of the best places to take a quick slumber on the UNT campus. Behind this iron door lies a small, dark, damp, and bug infested space that is just what you need when it’s time to take it easy in between your classes. No need to bring napping supplies, as this place comes stocked with a moderately comfortable pillow and a lot of newspapers that can be fashioned into a blanket, just double check that nobody is shooting heroine inside before you decide to nap.


4.) Willis Library:




We all have those moments where we are studying our little hearts out in Willis and desperately need a little nappy poo. Well this is the space for you. Located just outside of the entrance/exit of the Willis Library, this small space in front of one of the emergency exits is just what you need. Although the ground looks to be concrete, which it is, it will surprise you with its comfort — some people have compared its comfort to that of memory foam.


You will need to bring your own supplies however, such as a blanket and pillow, but everything else you could want is already provided. Also, every once and a while somebody might use the door, but most of the time they will just step over you. This allows for you to remain in the calming, almost surreal nap you will experience if you visit this location.


3.) RTVF Steel (sleeping) Chamber:




Now this may seem like a stretch, but this elevator has a whole lot to offer when it comes to napping. Located in the RTVF building, this steel sleeping chamber is just what you are looking for. Few to no people actually use this elevator, and the people who do are nice or ghosts and won’t disturb your slumber. This is another location where you must bring your own supplies, as very seldom there is a pillow and blanket lying around in this bad boy.




The elevator features a relatively comfortable floor, soft lighting from above, and a nice private space. The thing that makes this spot special is the soft and gentle rocking that the elevator provides as it every so often goes up and down between the two floors in the RTVF building. If you’re ever somewhere close, and need a quick slumber, check this elevator out.


2.) The Bed of a UNT Truck:


5 11.42.32 AM


If it weren’t for the difficulty involved, this would undeniably be the #1 napping location on the UNT campus. The difficulty with the spot, as with any vehicle, is that more often than not these vehicles are mobile. We’ve only been fortunate enough to actually take a nap in the trunk bed of one of these glorious vehicles once, but it truly was something to behold. No need to bring supplies, as they always carry in the back of these vehicles several plush and smooth blankets along with a Tempur-Pedic pillow.


The floor of the truck bed is also very comfortable, since in most UNT trucks the hard floor has been replaced with an inflatable mattress. The equipment is nice, but the best part is that the soft rumble of the ram engine will slowly soothe your body to sleep. This is unparalleled across the campus. No other location offers the gentle rocking that the UNT service truck provides. If you’re lucky enough to jump into the truck bed unnoticed, you are in for a treat.



1.) Language Building: 1st Floor Men’s Bathroom:




Now look, some of you might be thinking “Napping in a bathroom is gross I’d rather nap in an open fire.” Well think again. This restroom is by far the most sanitary across the campus. According to the not-drunk janitor taking a nap there when we checked it out, it gets cleaned every 10 minutes. Plus, the floor is comfortable (almost like the floor of a bounce house), and if you move the ceiling tile above the handicapped stall, you’ll be pleased to find four blankets and two pillows!


Another plus is how secluded this bathroom is… although when taking this picture there was someone in the stall. He was nice. This spot is truly special, and if you don’t take at least one nap in the men’s bathroom on the first floor of the Language Building while you’re here at UNT you are going about college incorrectly.

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