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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Miami University Edition


Hello fellow Miamians, and welcome to the first annual Miami Holiday Gift Guide. The Black Sheep has thought of some gifts ideas to guide you through the holiday season, because we both know you haven’t done any shopping yet, and will probably just swing by the ol’ bookstore before heading home for break. So, here you’ll find some ideas to ask for for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Pagan Celestial Blood Ceremonies/etc, and hopefully some things you can gift to your friends/classmates/significant others. Good luck, and happy gifting!


9.) Natty Light Koozies:




To keep your fingers warm, and your beer cold, cause we all know that the only thing worse than Natty is warm Natty.


8.) Sperry Cleaner:



At this point in the year, a combination of bar floors, weather, and your general lifestyle choices probably have your favorite shoes all types of messed up. Ask for some Sperry cleaner, to get those puppies looking so fresh and so clean (clean)


7.) A Miami Skyline Shirt:


miami sykline



So you can twin with 15,000 of your closest friends. Plus they make it in enough colors and styles that you can wear a different one every day of the week. Fashion.


6.) An AmEx Gift Card:




This is a great one. Best use: bar money, so you don’t somehow start an open tab and end up with an entire frat’s drinks on your credit card and your mom screaming in your hungover ear the next morning.


5.) A Baggy Wine Coat:




That’s right, now you can take your bag wine on the go. Slap the bag EVERY FREAKIN WHERE. You can put whatever bag wine your little heart desires in this thing. You’ll be everyone’s best friend, and so super stylish (debatable).


4.) A Hoverboard:




You can’t deny that you get a little jealous when someone glides past you on your walk to class. You can even try to blend in with the hockey and football team, cause they’re cool, right?


3.) Foldable Flats:



Okay, stay with us on this one. Yeah, they’re pretty damn ugly, but they’ll save your life on your drunken treks back from Brick, after you insisted on wearing those 6 inch heels (we agree, they made the outfit). Stick a pair of these in your purse before heading Uptown, and remember to thank us.


2.) Throwback Jerseys:



Because it’s embarrassing to be seen in the same jersey on Friday and Saturday at Beat. Support ALL the sports. Drink ALL the alcohols. Don’t worry, we wont tell mom 😉


1.) A Hangover Kit:



Everyone needs this, no one will ask for it. You can make your own (aspirin, gum, 5 Hour Energy, Clif Bar, the list goes on and on), or order a premade one online. You’ll thank yourself for asking for this, and your friends will thank you for gifting it. Win-win.


Black Friday may be over, but the holidays are far from it. Any of these gifts are perfect for your fellow Miami classmates, significant others, hook ups, or even teachers (grad students like to have fun too). You can also slip this list to Ma and Pop for some ideas. Stay safe and study hard, Redhawks.


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