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The Ultimate IU Bucket List


Any student at Indiana can say that without a doubt IU the best University in the world. Four years could never be enough time, and unless you want to add on a year or two (you do you, party animal) it’s important to make the most of the time you have here. There have been plenty of other bucket lists posted telling student’s to do things like “make a new friend!”, “order Baked! Cookies late at night!”, and “party at every fraternity!” but at The Black Sheep we know that’s a casual weekend at best and our readers are above that. Print this out, hang it on your mini fridge, and enjoy the best four years of your life.


10.) Visit the Kinsey Institute: And say goodbye to your innocence. In case you don’t know who Alfred Kinsey is, he was a groundbreaking, extremely controversial sexologist who did his “research” here in Bloomington and completely changed the game. The sex game. 


9.) Boats: Grab all of your friends, fill your coolers, and rent a pontoon boat for the day. Try and score one that has a waterslide, but even if you don’t you’re in for one of your best days at IU. Don’t forget to add some Lonely Island to your playlist, because who doesn’t love getting meta. 


8.) Skinny Dip in the Showalter Fountain: It’s some sort of tradition to sit at the fountain and put your feet in, but why not go all out? Jump in with your friends and go for a late night swim, clothing optional. Hell, do it in broad daylight and see what happens! 


7.) Steal a Big Head: Some people may think holding a Big Head is the exciting part, but our readers are looking for that extra thrill. The Heads are highly guarded but just wear your “big coat” and you’ll be fine. 


6.) Drink a Hairy Bear: Not in the “you and three of your friends drinking it all night” kind of way. This drink is a Bloomington legend and so are you. Finish your six shots of three different liquors in one tiny pitcher like the boss we know you are.


5.) Go to a “secondary” sports event: Everyone knows Hoosier’s love our basketball games. But from soccer to baseball to hockey, there are so many other hot guys, er, sports, to cheer for. Head on over to the Frank or new baseball field sometime and have a good time with your friends enjoying the eye candy.


4.) Climb the Fire Tower: If you have a fear of heights, being deep in the woods, or tiny, shaky, potentially unreliable stairs, maybe sit this one out. If you can conquer those fears though, the view at the top is so worth the Instagram post #adventurous #myroommatediedoops #uhohthecopsarecoming. 


3.) Open to Close at Kilroy’s: Surviving through open to close at Roy’s is a rite of passage. Only the strongest survive and have the glory of their picture being hung on the wall.


2.) Little 500: The entire week of Lil 5, or should we say “the greatest college week in the country,” is insane. From the concerts (not the Union Board kind) to the parties, there’s never a dull, or sober, moment. But for those who’ve never made it to the famous race that the epic partying builds up to, what the hell are you even doing here?


1.) Cliff Jump at the Quarries: Featured in Breaking Away! (which, if you go to IU and haven’t seen, watch immediately), visiting the quarries is a staple of the true IU experience. We double dog dare you to jump in from the same cliff as the locals… then swim down to the hidden uncerwater caves where the locals harvest their lifesource. 


You caught us, not everything on this list is technically “legal.” Let’s just say, underage drinking isn’t either and not even your parents are fooled that you’ve been sober at college. Cross off everything on this list with your friends and enjoy the best four years of your life. Drink and check off these list items responsibly.



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