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Top 10: Best Replacement Classes at UIUC

While you may have thought 18 credits this semester was a good idea last spring, at this point in the school year, you’ve probably realized just how stupid you were thinking you’d be able to balance a full course load alongside a beer-heavy diet. Don’t worry, now’s the time to drop them classes, baby! Here are the top 10 best replacement classes for a better semester. 


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10.) ECON 103: Macroeconomic Principles: If you’re looking to better your knowledge of the U.S. economy, look no further. This course directly explains the various details of economics in a way that is utterly simple and straightforward. Most students pass this class with flying colors and describe it as “a delight.” I mean, it’s only a 100-level class, it can’t be that hard. 


9.) PHIL 105: Ethics: What could be more black and white than right and wrong? This ethics course delves into the simplistic nature of defining how one should behave and think based on social norms. Exams consist of questions such as, “Is it acceptable to drink on a weekday?” Yes. “Should you attend Illini football games?” No. See? Easy.   


8.) EPSY 202: Exploring Cultural Diversity: Prepare yourself to be immersed in culture. In just one semester, this highly engaging lecture series will change you into one cultured son-of-a-bitch. The upbeat nature of this course will keep you wanting more as you discover the plights of minorities and learn to be a more empathetic, straight white male. 


7.) SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology: Based on testimonies from previous students who’ve taken this course, it’s all about the science of being social. The main project each semester is successfully spending at least one night at every frat on campus with the final being a complete campus barcrawl. If your liver isn’t made of steel before this class, it definitely will be after.   


6.) MACS 100: Intro to Popular TV and Movies: Finally, the university has established a course based around watching Netflix. The grading is based on binge watching at least five shows and includes a final, which consists of one weekend to watch the entirety of Breaking Bad. You’ll have some long nights, but dammit, it’ll be worth it. 


5.) CS 105: Intro-Computing: Since this class is designed for non-technical majors, you can be guaranteed that they’ve dumbed it down quite a bit. Having a basic knowledge of Word and Powerpoint covers at least 75% of the class with the real head-scratcher beingthose pesky Excel spreadsheets. 


4.) PSYC 100: Intro Psych: Most of us have been humans for at least 18 years at this point. Therefore, we all have 18 years of experience in the study of human behavior. With this plus some common sense, we’re all masters of psychology even before this 100-level class. Suddenly Psych 100 becomes Naptime 100.  


3.) GEOL 100: Planet Earth: An A in this course requires you to establish the differences between various rocks. Since all rocks are clearly the same, most of the class involves categorizing rocks by color and shape. You’d have to be as dumb as a rock not to destroy this course.  


2.) CHEM 232: Elementary Organic Chemistry I: With the word “elementary” in the title, this class is as basic as it gets. Elementary is the university’s way of saying any fifth grader could pass this course, so unless you believe you’re not smarter than a fifth grader (wink), you’d be crazy not to take advantage of this GPA booster.  


1.) PHYS 100: Thinking About Physics: Going off the course name, this class is all about thinking about physics, not actually doing physics. Based on that, anyone can ace this class just by thinking about how much they hate physics. If you’re looking for a ridiculously easy A, take the course with only one requirement: having a brain.

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