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Top 10 Cancelled Netflix Shows


With so many new shows appearing on Netflix lately, it’s time to pay our respects to the shows that simply didn’t make it on to your queue. Here are The Black Sheep’s Top 10 cancelled Netflix shows.


10.) Newflix: A Netflix Documentary Documentary:

A documentary on how Netflix documentaries are shot and produced with your host Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump. However, Baldwin got too into his character and accosted the crew with racial slurs.


9.) Big Green Guy Who Farts a Lot:

Although you might have not found the movie that you were originally hoping to watch for nostalgic purposes, no need to fear, there was a movie made just like it! Unfortunately, this direct rip-off was just close enough to Shrek to draw the ire of copyright lawyers.


8.) Who Can Get Punched Harder?:

A new Netflix reality series where contestants compete to find out who can be punched in the face harder. Featuring host Hulk Hogan, this series was filmed in rural Alabama and led to over 100 hospitalizations. Fortunately, the punched contestants were left with the same two teeth that they started with.


7.) Poor Guy:

Featuring Mark Ruffalo, this drama explores the complexity of childhood trauma from the point of view of the stepdad. You might have felt pity for the children of divorce, but have you ever cried into your laptop over the struggles of a man who didn’t know the woman he slept with had kids?


6.) Jeff Weston:

This new action-packed Marvel series follows a man who just lives in a shitty apartment complex. Jeff Weston comes to terms with his upstairs neighbors constantly banging and his landlord constantly asking him to pee in a condom for him so that he can pass his drug test. It’s life, but Marvel.


5.) Who Does Christopher Guest Think He Is?:

Directed by Christopher Guest, this 90-minute film features Christopher Guest as every character. In it, Christopher Guest somehow has managed to secure a five-star rating on Netflix with only a bowl haircut, and the fact that he’s Christopher Guest.


4.) Drugs are Cool:

Due to the popularity of Breaking Bad and Narcos, Netflix has continued pitching ideas about drug dealers. This time, the storyline of the show follows a 15-year-old Gary Turner who sells cigarettes to children. However, it was found that kids were 10 times more susceptible to drug abuse after watching the show.


3.) Let’s Give ‘Em a Netflix Show:

This series gives a whole season of 15, 20 minute episodes to Elle “The Face” Gilligan, a YouTube star who’s never filmed anything longer than 5 minutes. Each episode has a confusing random structure that seems haphazardly thrown together at the last minute; because it was.


2.) F$#K Me:

Netflix has found the most self-deprecating stand-up comedian in the world, Trevor Caldwell, and given him an hour-long special. Instead of laughing, you’ll feel nothing but pain and regret watching what you thought was supposed to be comedy. The audience, however, will somehow be peeing themselves with laughter.



1.) Nicholas Caged:

A 24-hour live feed of Nicholas Cage in a cage. The producers put different objects in the cage every hour to see how he’ll (over)react to them. Make sure you continue watching as they throw in a cat. Nicholas Cage does a sex scene that will blow your mind.



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