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Top 10 Classes to Take Your Senior Year

Registration is upon us. If you’re looking to just cruise through your senior year with no trouble at all (and no classes on Fridays), listen up. Below are the top 10 classes you should take in order to have the easiest senior year known to man.


10.) PHPR 489:
Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 1 credit: Don’t let the 400-level or the pharmacy label scare you off—the roughest part of the course is the weekly reflection, each worth 10 points—no exams. This class is perfect to convince your parents that you’re actually doing something resourceful with your time. You don’t even have to be a pharmacy major to enroll, and it only meets once a week!


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9.) MUS 250:
Music Appreciation, 3 credits: The clincher for this course is that you can take it as a distance learning class. You don’t even have to leave your dorm room or apartment (or the bar) to ace this class. There are quizzes and exams, but all information is drawn straight from the readings which you can copy and paste into a Word document as your “notes” and voila, perfect score on every quiz. 


8.) COM 212:
Approaches to the Study of Interpersonal Communication, 3 credits: As long as you aren’t socially awkward and have some common sense when it comes to talking to people, this online class will be a breeze.


7.) PES 115:
Bowling, 1 credit: There are a variety of different choices under this course code, but bowling is by far the most popular. *BONUS* you can have Pappy’s delivered right to your lane. Those are the perks of having class in the Union.


6.) ANTH 205:
Human Cultural Diversity, 3 credits: While attendance is required, the material isn’t hard. Full study guides are provided for the exams, and chances are you’ll be sitting next to someone who actually majors in anthropology, so finding someone to mooch off of study with should be no problem.


5.) CLCS 237:
Gender and Sexuality in Greek and Roman Antiquity, 3 credits: Did you really go to college if you didn’t take a class on sexuality?


4.) EAPS 111:
Physical Geology, 3 credits: Once again, this class is sure to fly with your parents since it’s an about actual scientific material, not just flower arranging or wine tasting (both of which are offered at Purdue, but either cost extra money or are actually kind of difficult).


3.) HIST 152:
United States since 1877, 3 credits: There are a lot of quizzes in this class, but you can opt to take it online. Plus, it’s all about material that you’ve been learning since elementary school. The North won the Civil War, the Nazis lose, and Obama was the first black president. Aced.                      


2.) OLS 252:
Human Relations in Organizations, 3 credits: We’ve all heard the deal about OLS classes. They’re mostly filled with people looking for an easy A, or student athletes (wait, isn’t that the same thing?).


1.) Literally GS Anything:
General studies classes don’t fulfill any requirement for graduation besides just being time-fillers. The great things about these classes is that most of the time, all you have to do is show up.


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