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Top 10: Easy UNT Halloween Costumes


As UNT students, it’s important to hang tight to the scraps of change we find in our laundry-when we do our laundry. Halloween poses as a threat to our penny-pinching ways by giving us an additional expense. Luckily, you’ve got some help from us other near-bankrupt students. In order to help save some coin this holiday, we’ve come up with 10 easy costumes that all UNT students can wear. Be the hit of every party with these 10 ideas:


10.) Amazon Box:
Let’s be honest with ourselves, we have at least 5 of these boxes by our trashcan that don’t quite fit. Yes, we are all very aware that we didn’t have the money to spend on Amazon anyway, but here we are, 5 boxes and 2 insufficient funds emails later. Be innovative this Halloween, and reuse this cluster of cardboard for good use. You won’t only save the planet with your recycling, you’ll also have the sexiest costume at any Halloween party. Because, c’mon, who doesn’t love when an Amazon order arrives?


9.) Ramen Noodle: 
This costume is a definite crowd pleaser. Wrap yourself in the lavish amounts of ramen wrappers already overflowing from your trashcan. Any partygoer will love you in your 15 cent costume. This costume also helps with dinner plans, if you’re contemplating what to eat and are in need of a costume, you’ve got a solution for both.


8.) Functioning Alcoholic:
A Functioning alcoholic is a common entity at most weekend parties, no costume included. Take a walk down Fry street on a Friday and you’ll find all the ideas you need. It’s a simple concept that many students are all too familiar with: dress as you do everyday. This costume is easy, cost-effective, and brutally honest.


7.) Sexy Donald Trump:
Sexy Donald Trump is actually an impossible task to pull off. No one can look sexy while being this disgruntled old man with a comb over, but why not loosen a few buttons, stick your finger in an electric socket, and give it a try.


6.) Chipotle Burrito: 
A roll of aluminum foil costs next to nothing. Here’s your chance to be everyone’s favorite overpriced necessity. Mummify yourself in that foil; add a nametag that reads “guacamole,” and spend the entire night letting everyone know, once again, that guacamole is extra.


5.) Rec Center Meathead: 
We are all too familiar with the dude in the Rec Center that grunts while lifting weights. He’s often near the mirror, gawking at his reflection. This costume takes no work at all. Tear off some sleeves from a t-shirt that reads “cool story bro”, invest in a shake weight, and grunt the night away.


4.) Walking Man Bun:
A five-minute walk through campus has the potential to be a great game of count the man buns. For this costume, channel your inner cousin IT and bun it up. Transform yourself into a walking, talking man bun and fit right in with this “effortless” UNT trend. It is recommended to stay away from open flames and sharp objects to keep your Halloween night incident free.


3.) Albino Squirrel:
The Albino Squirrel is everyone’s favorite snapchat filter, and most students’ favorite campus mystery. Does the squirrel exist or doesn’t he? Play up this mystery by extracting all your skin pigment and disappearing throughout the evening. Leave your friends wondering if you even came to the party at all.


2.) Sexy Road Kill:
The best part about Halloween is embracing the one-day a year we as college students can play dead. Go ahead, bloody yourself and expose your trachea with supplies bought at Wal-Mart. A common entity of this holiday is the overload of ladies in cat costumes. This Halloween, take it up a notch, combine your feline temptations with fake blood and make yourself sexy road kill. You can evoke some tears from your dear friends who just lost a pet, but look sexy while doing so.


1.) Mummy:
There’s a surplus of .25 ply toilet paper our gracious university supplies for our rear ends. Grab a roll for yourself from any restroom on campus, and wrap up for the night. Warning, don’t spill any drinks, for this toilet paper wasn’t actually meant to absorb anything whatsoever.


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