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Top 10 Hokie Thoughts on Yik Yak


What’s the best way to know the 411 around campus? Yik Yak. It’ll alert you to things on campus way before VT Alerts. And it’ll keep you updated on which frat/sorority everyone is hating on, what the weather is like, political discourse, professors, and throwing shade at UVA. So what’s on Hokies’ minds? Read on to find out.


10.) Scientists Can Scour the Arctic but They Won’t Find Anything Colder than This:


Yik Yak - VT - 8



9.)  We All Know What’s Happening, But We Ain’t Snitches:


Yik Yak - VT - 8.9


8.) Who Wouldn’t be Down For This?:


Yik Yak - VT - 8.8


7.) Fuck UVA. What More Needs to Be Said?:


Yik Yak - VT - 8.7


6.) Lab Safety is No Joke, Friends. Don’t Be Like Carol:


Yik Yak - VT - 8.6


5.) The Best Way to Catch a Frat Guy is to Insult Them on Yik Yak:


Yik Yak - VT - 8.5


4.) Hokies Inventing the Future With This Ploy:


Yik Yak - VT - 8.4


3.) Drillfield Path Deciding is No Joking Matter:


Yik Yak - VT - 8.3


2.) Speaking of Rain…:


Yik Yak - VT - 8.21.) Remember all the Rain we Got that Caused Worms to Come Out? Apparently, They Weren’t the Only Ones Coming:


Yik Yak - VT - 8.1


Some yaks soar to the top, while others fail and crash in a Spartan-style downfall (who doesn’t love to finish a yak with the final downvote?). But you can always count on Yik Yak, telling the news like it is. If you’ve never used Yik Yak, be warned that with an anonymous social media outlet comes dumbass opinions and horny college students who think it’s Tinder.


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