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Top 10 Lady Seminole Trends to Follow: Reaching Hipster Status


College is a time for new adventures, partying, and all around “finding yourself.” And what better way to find you than to follow what everyone else is doing. Some trends seem to be surfacing at FSU that coincide with the “hipster” appearance and everyone is trying to get on board. Here are 10 trends to follow if you want to be like everyone else:


10.) Flannels:

Thinking about going to your friend’s apartment to smoke with her older guy friends she met at the Sweet Shop? Sounds great, but for the love of all that is hipster, do not forget your flannel shirt. Don’t have one? Get one. It is essential to the hipster ambiance.


9.) Tapestries:

Your apartment bedroom is not complete without a large bed sheet covered in a trippy design sold for 300 dollars at Urban Outfitters. If a tapestry is not included in your décor, your newly acquired hipster guy friends may question your devotion to the trend and subsequently cease to recognize you, as someone deemed worthy of being “smoked out.”


8.) Attraction to Man Buns:

If you don’t find yourself attracted to the tall glass of handsome with the man-bun in front of you at Trader Joe’s, you have to reevaluate your taste in men if you wish to accomplish the hipster demeanor. Learn to love the man bun or suffer the fate of being as basic as your toilet-cleaning agent. (Chemistry joke, get it science majors?)


7.) Birkenstocks:

Many a person may see the hipster wearing this German footwear to and from Sweet Shop. If you have any doubts about whether this shoe is hipster or not just check the Urban Outfitters by Madison Social, if they sell them then you know that’s what you’re looking for.


6.) Taking a Polaroid Picture and Then Taking a Picture of That Polaroid Picture:

Polaroid cameras are making a comeback and hipsters are the first to take advantage of this. For the aspiring hipster it is important that you follow these four steps: 1. Buy a Polaroid camera or borrow your mom’s from the ‘80s. 2. Take a photo of you at Club Downunder listening to a band that no one has ever heard of. 3. Place the developed Polaroid photo on your bed and take a picture of the Polaroid photo. 4. Post the picture on Instagram and don’t forget to #hipster #Polaroid #IswearImnotbasic.


5.) The Fucking Flower Crown:

Given the obscenity carefully placed in the title, you are safe to infer this is a MUST accessory. If you wore a flower crown whilst running to your new “sisters” on Bid Day they knew for sure they made a great choice choosing you because you’re a hipster! Another thing, if Coachella is ever just mentioned to you, go out and buy a flower crown, or better yet make one. For instructions on how to make one go to some other website, this isn’t Pinterest.


4.) Fedoras:

If you ever wish to be considered a hipster don’t even think about leaving your place of residence without a fedora on. Thunder storming? Fedora. Going to workout at the Leach? Fedora. Late night studying at Strozier? Fedora. Picking up your roommate’s bunion cream? FEDORA. You get the picture.


3.) Choker Necklaces:

The choker necklace is definitely something you’re going to need to start wearing, immediately. Seriously. Hurry. Forever 21 is running low on supply. You want something subtle so as not to appear as a “try hard.” Start with a simple stretch choker, and move your way up to a leather choker with a religious symbol that serves no significant meaning to you or your beliefs.


2.) Circular Sunglasses:

They pretty much go with anything so you don’t have to worry about that and you can purchase them from Urban Outfitters after breakfast at Brooklyn Bagel. They’re also great for game day! Seminole choppin’ the shit out of the air and wearing your hipster sunglasses on a sunny day; you’ll look so cool you could end up on the jumbotron.


1.) Flash Tattoos:

If you are hesitant about all the other trends on this list, this is the one that you can be sure of. Go to the bookstore and stock up on the FSU flash tattoos. If you’re one of those people who goes out to the Strip with friends and always wanders off to the McDonald’s, you can even get custom flash tattoos! One for you, “If found return to Stacy” and one for your friend, “I’m Stacy.”

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