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Top 10 Mistakes of Riding the Rapid

Do you ride the Rapid? Have you considered riding the Rapid? Do you hate riding the Rapid? Regardless, here are the most common mistakes students make while riding the Rapid bus. 


10.) Having a butt in the face: 
Is it your butt in someone’s face or someone else’s butt in your face? Either way, having to stand is awful. However, there’s not always a way to avoid it as the bus driver has to fill the bus to about past capacity. If you can’t find a pole to hang onto, you better practice your power stance.





9.) Making eye contact:
Don’t make eye contact with anyone. Ever. Especially anyone wearing sunglasses, a fedora, or anyone you wouldn’t want to share a park bench with. God forbid he/she winks at you if you do stare too long. If that happens, get off at a stop that isn’t yours for safety reasons. 





8.) Forgetting belongings:
We’ve all seen it happen before: people leaving their coffees, phones, backbacks, underwear, etc. on the seats. To avoid this, keep everything in your bag on your lap or between your feet. And for the love of Louie, don’t forget your $385 Hussar on the front or someone might take it!






7.) Getting off at the wrong stop:

Hey, it happens.You think that “ding” is meant for you so you hop off two stops behind. You have two options: wait or walk. If you wait, at least the next bus of passengers won’t know of your mistake and if you walk, you’ll work off that cheeseburger you ate for lunch.





6.) Choosing the wrong seat:
Sitting in the back during the route to school? Good luck getting out the door at your stop. Sitting on an inside seat? Hope you enjoy people sliding their butts across your lap and genitals too close to your mouth. Ew.





5.) Talking:
Don’t talk on the bus on your phone or to anyone else. No one wants to hear it. Every time you open your mouth to say something, over half the bus quietly groans and mentally plots your demise. Just be sad and ride the bus like everyone else.   





4.) Pulling the cord too early:
Everyone knows you pulled the cord two stops before you meant to, they saw you do it. Of course you’re going to feel like a fool when the bus stop, the doors open, and no one moves except to look at you. If you had any dignity before riding the Rapid (how??), it’s gone now. People will talk about you to their roommates in Copeland.





3.) Going (grocery) shopping: 
Yes, ok, the 50 takes you to Meijer, but that doesn’t mean you can buy a cart’s worth of groceries. How are you going to carry them on the bus? There’s barely room for you on a bus seat and not all of the bags will fit on your lap or under the seat. You better bring a friend or two, otherwise, wait for mommy.




2.) Not planning ahead:
Are you riding from Grand Rapids to Allendale? Give yourself an hour and a half instead of laying in bed whining about how awful riding the bus is otherwise you’re going to be late. You can only say “my bus broke down” so many times.

And remember, if you’re planning or the 50 to be on time, you’re going to have a bad time.





1.) You’re riding the Rapid:
The buses don’t always run on schedule so you could be waiting for nearly an hour. When the bus finally does arrive, you’re either late or you will be late because the bus is full and passes by your stop. There’s always too many people so you end up cramped and shoved into a corner. You’re better off calling Uber.



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