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Top 10: Ways to Get Noticed at the Pitt Career Fair


The Pitt Career Fair is like a dream come true, unless your don’t have a 3.5 GPA or higher, six extracurricular activities, a job, or three years specific job experience. If you don’t have those things, it’s a time for you to sweat through you suit or dress and realize your life will end with you being a barista or 10A driver. However, there are tons of tips to help you with the career fair. Some tips help you step up your résumé game with smart people words like “erroneous” or “dichotomy” or “heresy,” while others tell you how to stand or wear your suit so you can fit in and feel comfortable. However, here at The Black Sheep we have something to say about blending in: Screw that. We support those students who walk into the Career Fair with their head held high and are ready to make companies fight over them. For those who need a little help with standing out and making a statement to all those recruiters, here’s our top tips to stand out at the career fair:


10.) Use a Quill Pen:




Sure ballpoint pens are cool and all, but what happens when you need to raise your hand above the crowd when they ask who is “most excited about being at the career fair?” Will they remember the guy holding up the Bic pen, or the regal royal in the back with a quill?


9.) Wear a Fake Beard and Tear It Off Halfway Through Every Talk with a Recruiter:


fake beard


The art of the surprise has been practiced for centuries in order to make someone remember who you are. Wearing a beard will make the recruiter immediately write you off, but then you peel it off and all of a sudden you’re a 5 star candidate for the internship with the Cathedral Custodial Crew. (If you’re a girl this is tricky, but a few hairs on the upper lip would have the same effect)


8.) Go in an America Tank and Flip-Flops:




Hey, Donald Trump had to have gotten a job somehow. Try this one and maybe you’ll make a company great again. Double bonus if you list “The Donald” as a reference.


7.) Subtly Have “All Star” by Smash Mouth Playing on Your Phone:




Baseball players, professional wrestlers, Drag Queens, they all have walkout music to get them pumped before their big moment. Well, your big moment is from the moment you step into the Pete to the moment you leave. So you need to establish a sustained pump, and who better than Smash Mouth?


6.) Break Their Hand When You Shake It:


broken hand


Firm handshakes get you jobs; broken hands give that recruiter paid leave because of a work place injury. They will just give you their job… Out of gratitude.


5.) Make Your Résumé Better:




No, don’t try to make it one page. Don’t play with the font or margins. You need to bust out that 7th grade cursive, your quill, and pay a scribe to write your résumé. They’ll be handed papers all day, you want to hand them a scroll as if you’re Caesar giving a formal “fuck off” to the rest of the Roman Republic.


4.) Quote Will Ferrell:


best friends


If you quote a Will Ferrell movie and the recruiter says the next word, you not only just got a job you just became best friends.


3.) Suit Up:




Black Suit, Blue Suit, Double Breasted Suit, Pimp Suit (poetic pause) Banana Suit, Gorilla Suit, Space Suit, Jump Suit, whatever suit suits you, throw it on and stand tall you beautiful person you.


2.) Ask Questions:




Look at the website, find particular projects you are very interested in and ask questions. Simple. Effective. Not really impressive by itself, but if you’re in a Gorilla suit, writing with a quill, with “All Star” blaring in the background immediately following you breaking the recruiters hand…you got the job.


1.) Be Yo’ Damn Self:


be yo self


This is simple. You’ve been working your ass off to find a career you love. So get in there with your head up, résumé ready, and make those recruiters chase after you. Godspeed.


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