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Top 10 Places You Didn’t Know Existed in Oxford

We all know the common places that everyone raves about here in Oxford like Brick Street, Bagel & Deli, or even the common stores like Apple Tree. But what about the times you wake up in the morning and don’t recognize the wristband… “What the fuck is Steinkeller’s and why was I there?” Well here are the top 10 places that you didn’t know existed in Oxford.


10.) Oxford Hookah Lounge:  Who would of thought that the preppiest of preppiest schools would possess a hookah lounge. If you are thinking of channeling your inner hippie, grab a group of friends and puff on some Pirates Cave shisha.


9.) Art Museum: Who knew that Miami could be so artsy? It’s probably only known of by the students who were forced to go there for an ART 188 class, but it’s worth seeing and trying to decide why two rocks positioned next to each other are considered art. Seriously though, we’re still trying to figure it out.


8.) Daycare Center: If you have children you might want to bring them here. This sneaky little place is tucked away on western across from a residence hall. So drop off the kiddies before your 11:30 philosophy class and enjoy the time alone from the screaming sticky creatures.


7.) Corner Bar: This is a newer bar that is going to be the next best thing. It’s just like New Bar, but better. It’s a bit classier because the floors aren’t quite as sticky yet… but only because basic white bitches haven’t had the chance to spill their vodka crans. So hurry before the floors start to stick!


6.) Western Botanical Garden: If you’re really interested in plants and pollen and all that stuff, you should definitely stop here sometime during your 4 years. It’s right next to Peabody, you’ll notice it from its weird vibe. It’s a huge glass house filled with beautiful flowers. Just don’t head here after a bar crawl. Glass and rose thorns are everywhere; and no one wants to clean up that mess.


5.) Lodge: Another one around Peabody. Did you know that you can rent it out? It’s like a little fratlinburg cabin built into Miami’s campus. So grab a group of friends and have your own formal. Though some people say it’s haunted, so you could fux with that.


4.) Cemetery: Creepy, but kind of cool that there is a cemetery on campus. Something that will really blow your mind is trying to figure out who is buried there. Professors? 17th years who never left college? The world may never know.


3.) Car Wash/ Laundry Mat Combo: This place is sketchy, but if you’re really struggling on being able to see out of your windshield (because some idiot spilled natty all over it), then hit this place up. You can vacuum your car and maybe find the 1,234,744 wallets you’ve lost in that black hole of an automobile.


2.) Johnny’s Deli/Alcohol Store: Tucked away by Millet and Frat row this is a perfect alcohol store, if you’re not looking to get denied to buy the 20 bottles of fireball. It’s deceiving because you would think it would be a sandwich shop, but nope, it’s filled with alcoholic goodness.


1.) SDS Pizza: Run by students and delivered right to your dorm door with the yummy cheesy goodness that we love when were hammered. All you have to do is call them up and drunkenly mumble that 5 lettered word, and you’re good to go.

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