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Top 10: Things IU Students Can be Thankful For

Thanksgiving break is just around the corner and an entire week of no tests or required reading has never sounded better. But a week of relaxation, home-cooked meals, and your mom trying to enforce curfew again also means a week away from the best campus town in the world. Not like you needed it, but The Black Sheep has compiled a list of the top 10 reasons you can use this Thanksgiving when you’re missing IU and your dumb family is making you go around the table to say what you’re thankful for.


10.) Cheap vodka: You may have thought that there was no way you would ever miss having to choke down peach Taaka, but after a semester full of tailgates and totally crazy parties, you miss this flavored rubbing alcohol and everything it stands for. Especially the cheap part.


9.) T-shirt Thursday’s: You and your wallet are both thankful for your growing collection of KOK shirts that are free with cover. You’ll never have to pay for clothes again and don’t want to live in a world where you have to.


8.) Fee Lane being a two-way street again: New and improved Hodge Hall is gorgeous, and the fact that Fee Lane is a two-way street again almost makes up for the fact that the arboretum is now under construction. It doesn’t matter, being able to again ride the A bus from Kelley to your dorm just to avoid walking up Fee Mountain is reason enough to be thankful.


7.) Water long islands: We’ve all learned the hard way that you can’t order this Indiana staple anywhere else, and IU students couldn’t be more thankful for Kilroy’s and every bartender at IU for making them for us every weekend.


6.) Study abroad programs: IU almost guarantees that any student who applies to study abroad will be able to participate. Thanks Indiana, your students who have the opportunity to party travel all over the world are thankful!


5.) The quarries: Besides the whole awesome part of jumping into the quarries, they’re also responsible for many of the gorgeous limestone buildings on campus. We’re very thankful for the quarries, their limestone, and the fact that they make our campus that much prettier than Purdue’s.


4.) Chick-fil-A in the library: Having Chick-fil-A deliciousness in the basement of the library is a both blessing and a curse, but mostly just delicious. While it may distract you every second you spend trying to study in Well’s, the moment when you finally cave in and have a chicken sandwich and Chick-fil-A sauce is worth it.


3.) Professors who drop a test: It’s about that point in the semester where stress is settling in and you’re no stranger to all-nighters spent cramming. This Thanksgiving, let’s take a moment and thank our generous professors, and happy GPAs, for letting us drop a test.


2.) Little 500: Students across IU, current and alum, are thankful for the greatest college week in the country and the epic parties and concerts that have made it so. The fact that it’s Thanksgiving break means it’s almost winter break, meaning it’s almost second semester, which means it’s basically Lil 5, right? Maybe that’s just wishful thinking.


1.) IUDM: This past weekend, all of the dedicated students who participated in the Indiana University Dance Marathon raised a groundbreaking 3.2 million dollars, all for the kids. We’re thankful for these students and the inspiring kids they spent one year fundraising and 36 hours standing for.

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