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Top 10 Worst Professors at UT According to Rate My Professors


At a school plagued by alcoholism and a careless administration, you have to be tough to survive. So we decided to help out some Vols this class registration season, which is why we’re relying on the fabulous to spread the love. Some of you may have forgotten this hand-dandy website existed because you only used to use it back in your lowly high school days when you actually cared about school. But we’re bringing it back in fashion and so far it seems fairly accurate. 


10.) Al Hazari – 2.0/5.0


Professor survey UTK Hazari


Department: Chemistry


Specific Complaints:

“Such a mean person.  So vague. Useless as a professor. He needs to go.”

“If you need help with something, he will make it known to every person in the room. He is very rude.”

“He makes lame jokes, gives impossible pop quizzes, and the labs are vague and very difficult.”


Chance of Passing: If you can understand his incredibly thick accent, you might be able to survive.


9.) Stephen Daunt – 2.2/5.0


Professor survey UTK Daunt


Department: Physics


Specific Complaints:

“He rambles. Then the material on his tests aren’t anything we’ve seen.”

“Refuses to use email. Will NOT answer regardless of the importance of content. If his office hours are only during times that you have other classes, then too bad for you.”

“Worst teacher on campus! If you want to pass take another teacher.”


Chance of Passing: If you understand random babbling and enjoy taking test with material you’ve never learned, then you’ll pass with flying colors.


8.) Yvette Yang – 1.8/5.0


yang utk


Department: Chemistry


Specific Complaints:

“Worst teacher I have ever had. Not only can she not speak proper English, she cannot describe anything properly.”

“Avoid this teacher at all costs”

“Had for 2 semesters now. Still worst teacher I’ve ever had.”


Chance of Passing: Can you speak her dialect?


7.) Jaime Adcock – 2.2/5.0


adcock utk


Department: Chemistry


Specific Complaints:

“These low level chemistry professors are horrible at teaching low level chemistry classes.”

“I hated every second of this class.  She is a horrible teacher, and if you get a bad TA you are screwed.”

“The lecture was boring and I didn’t learn a thing from it.”


Chance of Passing: Pretty easy, but who knows if you can survive the boredom.




6.) Donna Bueckman – 2.2/5.0


bueckman utk


Department: Economics


Specific Complaints:

“She goes too fast in class and babbles. The tests do not reflect what she ‘teaches’…”

“Be ready to teach yourself”

“She seems nice, but class is her hell child.”


Chance of Passing: If you enjoy getting your shit rocked on the homework and tests, then you might be ok.


5.) Kristi Havens – 2.4/5.0


havens utk


Department: English


Specific Complaints:

“Do not take. Too hard of a grader for a class that does not mean anything.”

“This is the worst teacher I have ever taken.  She is a horrible teacher probably because she is a horrible person.”

“Horrible teacher, stay away at all costs. She is rude to students and treats them like they’re stupid.”


Chance of Passing: Who’s actually an English major anyway?


4.) Donald Guldan – 2.4/5


guldan utk


Department: Mathematics


Specific Complaints:

“He frequently references magic while teaching.”

“Homework is difficult because he doesn’t explain anything in lectures. Just writes on the board. I do not recommend taking any of his classes.”

“The textbook is your new best friend.”


Chance of Passing:  If you read the textbook religiously and maybe sleep with it under your pillow you should be good to go.


3.) Maria Fontenot – 2.5/5.0


fontenot utk


Department: Journalism


Specific Complaints:

“She talks down to you and gives very vague direction, then gets angry when students don’t understand the assignment.”

“Acts like she is far superior to you in all matters.”

“Has no tolerance for any kind of mistake on the part of her students.”


Chance of Passing:  Probably, if you’re a teachers pet or enjoy getting yelled at.


2.) Michael Unseren – 2.3/5.0


unseren utk


Department: Mathematics


Specific Complaints:

“Very awkward, looks like he might’ve missed the boat on being a wimpy high school PE teacher.”

“He says random things like ‘for the birds.’”

“This guy is a jerk.  He won’t let you use calculators on exams and he doesn’t give you partial credit.”


Chances of Passing: Maybe if you like phrases like “for the birds.”


1.) Alex Freire – 2.0/5.0



freire utk


Department: Mathematics


Specific Complaints:

“I signed up on this site just to give him a bad rating.”

“Exams are insanely hard and can literally make up 100% of your grade.”



Chances of Passing:  Maybe if you already have a degree.

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