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Top 5 Games to Play on Your Roadtrip Home from GV


Grand Valley offers a lot in terms of student diversity. Well, okay, it offers a lot of diversity on where the students come from. With the holiday season coming up, and all of us carpooling to make the long trip home to places like Chicago, Indiana, the U.P., and the east side, finding ways to stay awake and not die of boredom on your trip home can be taxing and time consuming. Lucky for you, The Black Sheep took the hard work out for you and compiled the best list possible of road trip games to make your horrendous drive home this holiday season a bearable one.


5.) The ABC Game:


ABC Game


This game is pretty simplistic, and follows the name of the game. The goal is for one person to get all the way through the alphabet using words from signs and cars. If the word starts with the letter of the alphabet you are on, use it before someone else does. As soon as someone has a leg up, be prepared for shoving, yelling, slapping, and covering the other person’s eyes. Ultimately, this game will probably lead to everyone finding a new ride home, which actually could pan out to be a win.


4.) Padiddle:




This game is fun in the aspect that by the end of it everybody is mostly, if not completely, naked. Because of this, we suggest that you get a car full of people you’re genuinely attracted to, that way you don’t have to creep into their bathrooms to see them naked.


The game works like this: as you’re driving at night, keep an eye out for cars who have one headlight out. Whoever sees it first slaps the ceiling of the car and yells “padiddle.” The last person to hit the ceiling and yell out has to take off an article of clothing. Think of it as a sexual game of spoons that ends up with people, well, spooning.


3.) I-Spy:




We all know how this game works: somebody says something to categorize an object and all the others have to frantically search their surroundings (or a book) for that object. However, you can really use this game to your advantage as the driver. Suggest I-Spy at the beginning of your trip, and have your passengers on the constant look out for cops. This way, you can speed home without any worry of getting pulled over.


2.) The Quiet Game:


Quiet Game


We’re sure that most of you had to play this game as children. Now it’s your turn to play that card. Once it hits 1 a.m. and half the car is full of obnoxious 19 year-olds belting out Adele’s “Hello” hopped up on energy drinks, slam on your breaks, give them the evil eye your mom perfected, and demand this game. This ensures that the rest of your night will be enjoyable, and you’ll actually be able to play your own music.


1.) Car Drinking Game:




This game is a viable option to get you through the long hours, however. Pick a color, any color, and for every car that you see that is that color, take a sip of your roadie. We suggest that you pick an odd color like pink to avoid any drunk driving, or just designate the youngest in the group the DD. (We do not endorse this game and ask that you do not attempt this at home.)


Hopefully you were inspired to play a couple of these games on your trip with your newly-made friends from the GVSU Carpool Facebook page. Good luck, Lakers, and safe travels!


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