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Top 5 Spring Break Destinations for the Broke Wildcat


It’s about that time of the year again where everyone is scrambling their last minute spring break plans together to try to salvage a decent trip. Some people are going to the herpes capital of the world, more commonly known as PCB, while some are going to “Frat Laudy.” Not all of us are able to spend a few Benjamin’s to make our SB2K16 as great as we want to, and at The Black Sheep, we understand this; therefore, here are the top 5 spring break destinations that the broke wildcat can most likely be found at this March.


5.) Your Dorm Room:

Why even spend $1 during spring break, when you can stock up on groceries at the wildcat pantry and never leave your room? Not all residence halls are open during breaks, but that’s OK! Have a “hide and seek” game with your unknowing RA, and see if they find you during the break. If not, then you win! Treat yourself to some $5 Cheetos and a $3 bottle of Mountain Dew that you bought on campus. You can even download a scenic beach background to your computer, and it will be like your very own little beach picnic.


4.) On Top of Euclid Kroger:

On Friday after class while everyone’s getting drunk and packing up for their spring break extravaganzas, walk your little butt over to Euclid Kroger and make yourself at home; you will be there for a whole week. Bring a tent and have a little campout on the top parking garage area. The best part is that whenever you need more supplies, you can just walk right inside Kroger and get them! How efficient.


3.) Hitchhike to Florida:

If you really want to see those crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches but simply can’t afford it, just hitchhike! Make sure to pack some pepper spray just in case you get in the car with someone who ends up being a weirdo. All you need is a backpack with some clothes and a tent, and once you get to Florida you’re set! Set up your motel for the week in a convenient location right on the beach. A sleeping bag might be ideal also, but if you can’t afford that either, just bring your dorm comforter. Hopefully you can get back to school after the week! But hey, who doesn’t like a little spontaneity in their life?


2.) Inside of K-Lair:

During school breaks, there isn’t any UK Dining locations open. However, if you can find a way to break into K-Lair after the staff leaves, you’re surely in for a treat. They have comfy booths and plenty of TV’s for entertainment, and a whole kitchen stocked with food! Sure, you won’t know how to make items regularly on their menu, but hey neither do they! We’re confident that the food creations that you make will be better than what they normally serve.


1.) At Rupp Arena:

Allow yourself to travel to the center of all Kentucky fans’ hearts, Rupp Arena. There might not be much going on inside of Rupp during spring break, but that’s for you to find out! Camp inside of the locker room and give yourself that all-access pass VIP tour that you’ve always wanted. Be sure to make yourself plenty of the famous ice cream cones that Rupp offers.


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