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Top 5 Types of People to Avoid at Ole Miss over the Summer

Ole Miss is known for being the bastion of tailgating debauchery and, as such, it’s during football games that people decide that they will attend this most hallowed ground. However, that doesn’t mean incoming fresh meat and their families won’t have to go through the mind-numbing experience of orientation. That said, we’ve collected this United Nations of annoying summer visitors.


5.) The Youths!!! (Attending Youth Camps):

The Black Sheep adores children, but as all parents and birthday clowns know, they can test your patience. The university has summer camps for baseball, football, tennis, and horticulture in marijuana. Which leave us with smelly and dirty little kids running around. Avoiding these little dirt daubers is fairly easy though: NO JC AT LUNCH!!!


4.) Snarky Grad Students:

If you’re unfortunate enough to be assigned a seat next to one of these jag-offs, then our prayers are with you. Having to hear them ramble on about how hard the upper level classes are and how they speak as if they have PowerPoints memorized is annoying enough, but then the second a quiz or test comes up they hang over you like your friend reminding you of when you forgot to feed his dog.


3.) Rude Tourists:

Ole Miss has the distinction of being the site of many historical events and is considered a frequent tourist destination, and no it’s not just because of The Blind Side (though that’s a rough 85% of why). Not all of the visitors are rude, but a few are and you can usually spot them in maroon or purple. Through all of the backhanded remarks of our school and town, you must be strong-willed. When they ask for directions, you know to tell them that Handy Andy’s is on Jackson Avenue and the only corndogs you can get are frozen at Walmart.


2.) Helicopter Parents:

These parents follow and lecture their child the whole trip on “how to behave.” 70% of which is tossed out the window when they decide to rush. The worst aspect of these people isn’t even when they’re with their kids, but when they’re with other parents.


When the kids are busy with activities, they eventually find others and wander on campus, not knowing where the hell they’re going and yapping about some random Midwestern or Northeast College the NCAA hasn’t even heard of. Avoiding Helicopter Parents is unpredictable simply because they just don’t know where they’re going. So just keep your eyes peeled and if you hear talks of DII sports back in the ‘80s… run.


1.) Freshmen:

Sorry, freshies, but you top the list. Sororities and fraternities are obligated to do a little summer rushing, but even they do it begrudgingly. The reason for them to be number one is because they’re still a work in progress, as in: they’re all too high school. They’re too positive, can’t drive, and don’t know where they’re going (like Helicopter Parents) and it pisses us off. They all come in with preconceived notions from TFM and National Lampoon movies, which is depressing in its own right. No avoiding them because they’re here for the next four years. Ugh.


That’s the list! If you’re a senior then you need not worry as you don’t go outside in the summer anymore and as for the incoming freshmen who aren’t privy to our sagely articles yet, don’t worry, any you miss are on The Black Sheep website.

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