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Top 5 Worst Buildings To Have Class In at ECU


We here at The Black Sheep hate being a nagging Nancy, but class is important. It’s the whole reason why you’re in college: to take said classes, get a degree, and graduate to get a good job. We know the drill. While you may moan and groan about going to class and how boring it is, it’s more than likely that you’re groaning about how much you’re dreading sitting in a lecture in Brewster because of the poor cell service. We’ve all got that one building we absolutely loathe. If you’re worried about where you might be trapped having classes in next semester, here’s the top 5 worst buildings to have class in:


5.) Howell:


Hope you hate your ass because you won’t be feeling much of it anymore. The classrooms in Howell have the worst (and we’re not over exaggerating) chairs to sit in. Biology 1100 is a fairly easy class to pass, but it’s so difficult to pay attention in when you’ve got a butt cramp you’re trying to get rid of every five minutes. Pro tip: take a seat cushion to class if you love yourself.


4.) Joyner East:



We’re pretty sure that unless you’re an upperclassmen or your parents trapped you in COAD 1000, you’ve got no idea where this building is. You probably pass by Joyner East a million times and don’t even notice it. Not only is the location rather esoteric, the seats in the classrooms are so close together, you can hear the heartbeat of the guy sitting next to you. Don’t even think about getting on your phone in class; that nosy chick behind you can already see that text you thought you were going to send.


3.) Sci-Tech:



Spaghetti junction is a better name for the building that is Sci-Tech. You’ve gone just about every which way and you still haven’t found your class yet. Just go home, you already didn’t want to put on pants for the bio lab you have and you can’t find your class so this is clearly a sign that you shouldn’t go.




Go ahead and sashay away to your cozy dorm room. 


2.) Belk:


Let’s face it: the Belk building is far as hell. We know you spend that final hour in bed you have debating whether or not you actually wanna make the haul because honestly, it takes at least a fortnight to get there and you’re bound to look like this when you see it in the distance:



Finally, once you arrive, you’re so exhausted that the thought of class makes you want to descend into ugly crying.


1.) Brewster:


Brewster is known by a plethora names on campus: The “Ugly” Building, The Redheaded Step-child of ECU and many others. While those names seem rather harsh, Brewster certainly does not fail to live up to its name. It’s dimly lit all the time, the cellphone service in EVERY SINGLE ROOM is the absolute worst and its temperature is never just right. Some of the classrooms are so bad temperature wise that it’s humid and the desks have condensation on them. Talk about gross. This building is just screaming “no” before you even set foot into it.


Now, let’s all take a moment of silence for the poor peeps who’ve already registered and probably got stuck in one of these places. You guys are the real MVPs for sticking it out.





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