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Top 7.5 Places To Eat Alone in South Quad


Let’s face it. In a dining hall as frequented as South Quad, in a school as big as Michigan, in the age of constant interconnectedness, it’s not easy to find time to be alone with your food. We’d much rather be focusing on our perfectly hand-crafted ice-cream cone with sprinkles and Oreo crumbs than on your face. So, here’s the list to solve all of our problems! 



7.) Behind the Cereal Station:




Other than breakfast time, nobody’s getting cereal and this place isn’t really close to anything else either. It’s great because there’s a wall separating you from civilization, and noisy people don’t reside on the other side of the wall. It’s cereal! Plus, straight shot to the bathrooms if the need presents itself.


Isolation Rating: 8 (out of 10)



6.) Windows of Freedom:




All the way in the back, behind this huge wall that exists for no apparent reason, are huge windows. Here, you can be secluded and eat your meal with a beautiful view. Become one with nature and soak in what minimal sunlight the Ann Arbor atmosphere has to offer. Hopefully others will not have the energy to walk back that far and join you.


Isolation Rating: 7



5.) In the Cereal Station Waiting Room:




We’re convinced this lil’ area was specifically designed for people like us. It’s on the other side of the wall mentioned in Location 7, but also behind the drink machines and soda fountains. Sure, there might be a lot of noise happening around you, but you’ll see very little of it. This is also a great area if you want to fart without the hassle of anyone knowing or smelling you out.


Isolation Rating: 9



4.) Right Wing Upper Decker:




Furthest to the right, past the soda machines, is an elevated level. Literally look down upon all who have failed to find such a private location. Easy access to the soda machine and dessert table. Huzzah! 


Isolation Rating: 8



3.) Under the TV’s:




Everybody in this area of the dining hall wants to watch the TVs. So what do you do? Sit directly under them where you are completely unable to see the screens. Some windows are visible, and it’s not that far away from food.


Isolation Rating: 6



2.) Glass Box:




You have to get lucky here because sometimes this glass-enclosed area is closed off. We’re not gonna tell you to break in if it’s closed, or to shatter the glass if it’s locked, but there’s something magical about this place and you should do whatever it takes to get in. Yours truly once ate 10 slices of cheesecake in this room after a regular sized dinner, just because no one thought I could do it.


Isolation Rating: 7



1.) Pizza Station:




Because there are not servers at the pizza station, you can technically stand there the whole time eating by yourself because no one will tell you that you have to move. Students will come to get pizza, but no one will stay. Downside: You’re standing. Upside: Pizza.


Isolation Rating: 5



.5) Couches Outside Dining Hall:




This location is only worth a half a point because it’s technically not in the dining hall. Right outside the entrance, there are a couple couches and there’s usually one open. Grab your food and a drink and post up on the comfiest seat in the house. Bold move, if you’re feeling it.


Isolation Rating: 8


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