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Top 5 Trends Spotted at Dance Blue


One of the best things about being a Wildcat is the undeniable pride that consumes you when you talk about your school. We support one another through sports, Greek life, and clubs and organizations that students themselves start on their own. At Dance Blue, a 24-hour dance marathon at the University of Kentucky, this overwhelming support and dedication is seen. From the stands, there is much to observe on the enormous makeshift dance floor at Memorial Coliseum. From the hourly dances to the special effects on the video screens and lights, we at The Black Sheep took this opportunity to observe the biggest trends at this year’s FTK rally.


5.) Nike Shorts:




Many students were seen wearing Norts at this year’s Dance Blue. It was pretty warm in there TBH, we don’t blame you for rocking those meshy fabric running shorts. Especially when you’re pretty much on a DIY dance floor with hundreds of other students. Norts are comfy yet stylish, and are often seen pretty regularly during the warmer days on campus. Coming in a wide array of colors, you’re sure to find a pair that fits you physically and spiritually.


4.) Greek Letters:


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It’s no surprise to see this much support #ForTheKids through campus Greek life. Here is a photo of the stands around roughly 6 a.m., and you can see different groups holding their letters and supporting their peers who are dancing. This picture doesn’t do much justice, as the entire seating area was filled with members of the Greek community supporting their friends.


3.) Sockos and Socks with Flip Flops:




We’re not kidding when we tell you there were MANY DANCERS seen sporting this not-so-trendy look. Sockos (Chaco’s with Socks) were seen on many people, as were socks and flip flops. One dancer told us it was because tennis shoes get uncomfortable and it’s much better to be able to take your shoes off effortlessly and let your feet breathe, and that makes sense. But who knows, maybe this look will be “in style” from here on out? At this point, only time will tell, Wildcats. Only time will tell.


2.) Fanny Packs:




Who knew fanny packs were still a thing? Well, apparently they are. Understandably, though, fanny packs offer a very convenient location for all of your necessities, and for a 24-hour dance marathon, you’ll need a fanny pack. They were seen in a wide array of colors and styles, some saying “DB16” or “FTK” on them, meaning they were specifically designed for our campus’ event. We wouldn’t suggest wearing them on an everyday basis though, or you’ll land among the weird kids like unicycle guy or trenchcoat.


1.) Comfort Colors EVERYWHERE!:




As if Comfort Colors wasn’t already popular on campus, but at Dance Blue ’16 it was very prevalent that this was the preferred brand of t-shirt for the overall student body. They’re the perfect mix of oversized and comfortable, yet somehow still stylish, and that’s exactly why they’re loved so much. Dance Blue even was selling their own comfort colors tank tops and tees, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t pick up at least one.


As you can see, the top five biggest trends at Dance Blue were expected, yet surprising at the same time, kind of like when you look at the calories on Taco Bell’s menu. The amount of support shown through Dance Blue is like no other.


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