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Underclassmen’s Guide to Registration at GVSU


The first year at Grand Valley can be pretty difficult, from trying to figure out where the hell you want to live next year (after only living on campus for basically two weeks) to actually being an adult and eating a damn salad. Registration, however, is one of the hardest academic challenges you’ll face during your career at GV. The anxiety that registration emits is appalling given that most higher level classes only have one section, once a year, and if you don’t get into the class you’ll be stuck here for another whole year, not able to graduate, blah blah blah.




Yeah, it’s pretty bad.


Upperclassmen writers at The Black Sheep have written a guide to make sure you, little biscuit, will be prepped and ready for your first (not orientation-related) registration.


Get Up Early:

This isn’t a joke. If you’re not up and ready to go by 7 a.m., the classes you want will probs be at capacity by 7:30. It’s just how it works.



Seriously, there’s no registering in person. Everything is online through some crazy voodoo magic that is myBanner. So sit your ass down at your laptop with the fastest Internet connection possible. (Although this may seem pretty obvious, some of your fellow underclassmen thought that they needed to be lined up outside Manitou like some hellish Black Friday sale mixed with the Hunger Games).




Be Prepared That Your Dream Schedule Likely Won’t Work:

It sucks, and if you had gotten your butt in gear in high school and got some college credit, you’d probably be signing up ahead of your peers. Either way, you need to make a back-up schedule. Having two is your best bet to making your next year at GV at least slightly more bearable than this one.




Get Down the CRN Numbers of the Courses That You Want: 

Simply type in the CRN in the blank box on the registration page and you’re all set. No searching for the topic, the class, and the section to register which could take hours. It’s that easy! It saves a lot of time and will probably end up getting into a class before capacity.


Hint: Or, be smart and make some upperclassmen friends and have them save you spots in the classes you need. Have them tell you when they drop, and go back on to snag your spot. Sometimes, you have to play dirty.


This pretty much completes the tips and tricks guide to surviving the first registration without some advisor breathing down your neck telling you what classes to take. Make sure to look for the overlap classes, so you can kill two birds with one stone before they crush your dreams of ever having a debt-free future. Remember, it’s only crucial to meet with an advisor when all hope is lost and you’re too far gone anyway! Good luck!


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