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UVa Picks up the Pieces: Hoo to Root for Now

Talk about a rough weekend to be a Virginia sports fan. Watching Michigan State crush any potential shred of hope for Virginia to make the Sweet Sixteen was basically akin to your roommate taking the last Jell-O shot out of the fridge. Many of us were left with nothing but a desperate want of alcohol. The worst part is that the show must go on; the tournament is not over. But who are you supposed to root for now that the beloved Cavaliers are out? Well, The Black Sheep has some options for you to consider.


North Carolina
We know what you’re thinking, how blasphemous to root for another ACC team. But when you think about it, there are five still left in the tournament, of the six that qualified. We’re actually the only ACC team that’s out so far. So why not cheer for geography? Besides, Chapel Hill isn’t so bad (and also, fuck Duke).


First of all, UCLA now has highly broadcasted ties to Snoop Dogg since his son just committed to play football for them next year. That’s reason enough to decide to be a fan of the Bruins. Not to mention the fact that 90210, The O.C. and The Hills are all set in L.A. and the likelihood of someone graduating from UCLA and becoming famous is high.


West Virginia
If you ignore the first part of the name, it’s almost the same thing. Minus the hillbilly tendencies and, you know, how they’re all inbred. Rooting for their basketball team is like rooting for one big happy family. Plus you get to sing along with the team to Country Roads. There has to be some benefit in that somewhere.


This recommendation is based on legitimate merit. Arizona crushed Ohio State this weekend in a performance that actually resembled good basketball. They’re basically a team full of badasses that hang out in the Arizona desert. How cool is that? Correct answer: not cool at all because it’s the desert.


All in all, we’re pretty sure Michigan State was working some voodoo magic on Sunday in order to kick us out of the tournament for the second time in two years. You can’t blame a Tony Bennett voodoo doll for that. Time to pick up the pieces of your broken brackets and get back to watching basketball before March is over.

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