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In Light of U-House Shooting, Apathetic UNCC Students Still Feel “Pretty Safe”



As a campus of 30,000 and growing, crime is inevitable, even at UNCC. This holiday weekend, a student took multiple shots to the chest and neck in University Housing’s parking lot. While the student is in critical condition, the UNCC community remained calm in the face of violence, wielding their readily-apathetic nature to the events at hand.


“We’re used to crime here,” one resident at U-House stated. “It’s kind of tradition for everyone’s TVs to be stolen at the start of the year. Besides, compared to some schools like Pembroke we’re safer than the Declaration Of Independence in that one Nicolas Cage movie.”


Another resident of U-House, sophomore Emily Griffin, was visibly upset at the turn of events, but composed herself once she put things into perspective. “These things are supposed to happen at UT North, not here.”


Moving off campus is often the only option after freshman year; from poor cafeteria food to overpriced housing, becoming an ~adult~ to move into an apartment is an exciting step. It isn’t until you survey your apartment options around UNCC that things become a bit more desolate. From the ceilings caving in at The Circle to constant thievery elsewhere, students’ expectations have been set extraordinarily low in order to get the most out of their apartment living and college experience.


“I risk my life every time I go to the Walmart on North Tryon, or drive on University City Boulevard,” said senior Jasmine Wallis, a Charlotte native. “A father was paralyzed from the waist down in a shooting at a rest stop a few miles away from here this weekend — a shooting in the parking lot isn’t that surprising. I’m not going to break my lease — not that I can, anyways.”


When students were asked about their feelings of safety on campus, the answers were similar. 


“WBTV told us it wasn’t a random shooting, they were in an argument and someone was shot.” Freshman Jacob Hicks, former president of the FFA at his rural NC high school and passionate NRA subscriber didn’t seem concerned about gun control. “There’s nothing we can do to stop things like this from happening again.”


“We have those blue lights and the campus police force, we’re probably fine,” one student shared. “Was there a crime alert on our phones for this one? I think I opted out of those anyway… plus where would I possibly move to be safe in Charlotte?”


To the student in critical condition, you’re in our thoughts and we hope you get better soon, fam. To the remainder of the Niner Nation, please stay safe so we can collectively suffer through finals and hope that one day a real conversation will happen about students’ safety in this city. 


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