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What The Sites You Browse During Lecture Say About You


When you sit in the back of a large lecture hall, chances are you’ll see a strange thing or two going on in the crowd before you. For some reason, people seem to assume they’re essentially invisible in a large lecture. Typically, the most embarrassing moments are right in front of them on their computer screen. The websites your classmates browse in class say a lot about what type of person they are. The Black Sheep has compiled a short list of things you’ve seen your classmates browse or do in class that is either confusing or just plain weird. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, a website browse is worth a million.



Tumblr isn’t the strangest website to browse at your leisure. However, we should all agree moving forward that Tumblr is not safe for the classroom. How many times have you been browsing your Tumblr feed carelessly sifting through photos of kittens in baskets playing with yarn when all of the sudden, a GIF from a porno pops up in your feed? This is still a very real possibility while browsing Tumblr in class. No matter how quick your scrolling finger is, the people sitting behind you will most likely see at least a glimpse of the action. Next thing you know, everyone thinks you casually watch porn in class.


The Googler:

Okay, so Googling in class isn’t really that weird of a thing to do. I mean, Google is so pervasive that we’ve literally taken the word “Google” itself and turned it into an action verb. In specifics though, we are here to talk about that person in your class who Googles what your professor is talking about. It’s almost as if they are verifying the lecture, making sure that your professor isn’t lying. Even worse is the person who Googles the answer to your professors questions to the class. The “know it all” Googler. They’re pretending they actually knew off the top of their head that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the catalyst that started WWI meanwhile, they’ve quickly typed the question in their search-bar. If this really makes you feel smarter or better than everyone else, then go for it. Turd.


League of Legends/Runescape:

That one person who can’t step away from their virtual reality life for a one hour class lecture. This is so distracting to sit behind in class. Even if you’ve never played one of these games, the bright lights and explosions on search will suck you out of your lecture and into whatever the heck it is that they’re doing. Saving a princess? Slaying a dragon? Who freaking knows.


Netflix on Mute:

How do you honestly manage to do this? Netflix demands at least 80% of your attention, let alone the fact that you’re also now reading subtitles. Could the season 4 finale of The Office really just not wait until after Psychology class? Even worse is when someone is watching a show that you’re watching and they are ahead of you. It should be illegal to watch the new season of House of Cards in class. The classroom should be a safe place away from spoilers. Have you no humanity?


Personal Shopping for Personal Items:

Online shopping is pretty common in classrooms. Whether your just browsing through a site or taking full advantage of Cyber Monday deals, online shopping is an easy way to pass class time. However, every once in a while someone in class will online shop for a very personal item. Medication, wart removal, and lingerie should not be ordered in class. It’s awkward to look up and see that the kid in front of you is filling out his Walgreens prescription. No one wants to know that you’ve got prescription strength deodorant. And no one wants to watch you browse for granny panties in the classroom.


Let’s raise awareness to the oblivious kids who sits towards the front of the lecture hall surfing the web. We are all watching you. If you ever feel eyes on you, it’s the eyes of every single person sitting behind you. So, next time, just go sit in the back if you’ve really got to browse. Also, next time you feel weird about staring at the computer screen of the kid sitting in front of you, remember that they chose this life. It’s not your fault.


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