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Why UVa Had Class Today

If you’re any kind of involved in the University community, you probably found yourself drunk last night. You rationally assumed that with the metric ton of snow falling from the sky, classes would be canceled and you would find yourself watching Netflix all day in your pajamas. Unfortunately, Patrick D. Hogan, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer had other plans. Classes resumed at 11 a.m. and you got a “snow day? S’no way” message, straight from the administration. If you’re having trouble seeing the value in why you went to class today, let us help to enlighten you.


Learning to Survive the Elements:
It may not seem like it, but your trek to class is actually preparing you for any time your car might break down, or you get separated from your party while skiing. Instead of panicking about your lack of cell phone service, you now have experience walking long distances. Imagine how cool you’ll look walking into the ski resort as the sun sets and everyone thought you were lost.


The Value of a Liberal Arts Education:
In fact, the lack of a snow day has nothing to do with the weather. The university is using this time to remind the world that a liberal arts education is not all fluffy pancakes and picture books. A degree in Classics is definitely pressing enough to get you to trudge through cold, wet precipitation (because the Classics curriculum has definitely changed in the last 500 years). It’s really worth risking your neck going out in the freezing tundra to learn this stuff, guys.  


There’s Money in City Weather Planning:
Apparently, the fastest way to get your roads plowed in the greater Charlottesville area is to be part of the illustrious 22904. The university has the most “on the ball snow” plowing operation, which is saying something, because if you’ve seen the piles of snow on McCormick, you might think otherwise. That said, the rest of Charlottesville seems to hedge its bets on how much snow we’ll actually get before they do anything about salting the roads and sidewalks. Quit school and buy a snow plow.


Productivity, Dear Watson:
This is a pleasant reminder from the University that you are here to learn. If you’ve learned anything here, you should know that Mr. Jefferson believed that learning goes beyond your four years in university. So what would you have been doing on a day off, spending your time in special collections, making good use of your time while you’re here to learn? Because snowball fights and Netflix sound like a better plan to us, too.


If these lessons for a lack of snow day seem a bit far-fetched to you, you’re not wrong. Let’s all protest the administration outside their building; because outside in the cold is, apparently, where they would like us to be.

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