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WMU’s Urban Dictionary


WMU is more than just a university; it’s a culture. Going here goes beyond eating, breathing, and drinking everything brown and gold. Being a Bronco means being able to speak the language, so The Black Sheep came up with Western’s version of Urban Dictionary




The Lot:

What most people think: A place to park your car. Usually located at grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, and more.

What Broncos think: A place where students and alumni dads alike religiously gather on Saturdays to shotgun beers and cook hot dogs in the spirit of the greatest game on Earth: football. However, most people don’t actually make it to the game after spending 4 hours tailgating in “The Lot.”




The Zoo:

What most people think: The place where a variety of animals are kept for people to come observe. 

What Broncos think: Another word for Kalamazoo, because everyone who inhabits the city are bitchin’ party animals.




Den Pop:

What most people think: A cheap beverage sold at a party store called The Den.

What Broncos think: A humble blessing to students; this 67 cent fountain drink is 32 ounces of delicious convenience. Making it the go-to for pre-gaming and everything in between.




Row the Boat: 

What most people think: A children’s song or an action done inside some type of water vessel that requires man for propulsion. 

What Broncos think: A phrase created by Coach P.J. Fleck. Nobody really knows entirely what the hell this means, or what it has to do with football, but it’s spiritual as fuck to us and we will say it loud and clear until the day we die.


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 10.56.38 PM



What most people think: The difference between Western states and Michigan.

What Broncos think: Something we say or tweet every time we appear even slightly better than any other university. If it’s good enough for the billboards, it’s good enough to shout at Central Michigan Chippewa’s after winning the football game, or an excuse for your mom when she calls asking why she saw you on the news getting teargassed by police.




Oberon Day :

What most people think: The release date of a seasonal brew made by Bell’s Brewery in Comstock, Michigan.

What Broncos think: A city-wide holiday that entitles us to get absolutely hammered off of their signature brew in the spirit of one of the greatest things to ever come out of this city (alongside Tim Allen, of course).




The Library:

What most people think: A place where students go to study and check out books. 

What Broncos think: A clever name for a college bar that allows you to tell your parents where you are on Tuesday and Saturday night without technically lying. 





What most people think: The name of a party school. 

What Broncos think: A name brought onto us due to our minimal study habits and excessive time spent getting completely trashed. 


Like a language learned from birth, we being learning the WMU lingo the first day we step foot in Kalamazoo. It’s a rite of passage and a way of life for Broncos, so pass it along to your friends and family.

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