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Worst Pitt Professors Cheat Sheet

DISCLAIMER: The following comments are actual submissions we received in a poll we hosted on our website. The Black Sheep is publishing these for entertainment purposes only, and do not reflect the opinions of The Black Sheep.


Registration for classes is coming up incredibly quickly, and The Black Sheep knows how important a good course load is. We never go to class, but just in case you do, here’s the professors that the Pitt population have told us to avoid.


English Department:


Katherine Kidd

“Kidd seems like the worst type of English professor, because she ‘doesn’t teach and doesn’t give any concrete directions to follow for assignments.'” 

Review: 4/10 Sheep


Barabara Edleman

While it’s good to have opinionated professors sometimes, professors who won’t listen to any opinion that isn’t their own are the bane of college students everywhere. Edleman seems to be one of those professors, with a review calling her “horrible at teaching. Very uptight. Very one sided with views.” 

Review: 5/10 Sheep


Math Department:


Attoua Mittola

“He is late to basically all classes AND exams, cannot communicate concepts to students, and gives unreasonable amounts of homework. Don’t expect to learn anything in class from him. I have learned everything so far from the textbook and Khan Academy. Even his TA’s agree that he is awful.”

To be fair, we’ve never learned anything in a math class anyway. Review: 4/10 Sheep


Sheng Xiong

The only review we received was “he can’t speak English.” While it is annoying to have a professor that has a hard time communicating with you, unless you try teaching math in another country, you have no room to judge, ya jagoff.

Review: 8/10 Sheep


Arts Department:


Paul Glabicki

“He is incredibly vague in his instructions, and when you ask for clarification, he responds harshly and faults you for not paying attention. The result is a poor grade, even if you show passion for the subject.”



“He is difficult to communicate with, unclear about assignments, reluctant to elaborate when asked for further help, will draw on your work without asking in sharpie.”

Sharpie? You are a visual arts professor who will draw on work in SHARPIE? The horror of this sends shivers down the back of all the hipster art history majors. Review: 3/10 Sheep


Vivian Appler

“She was not helpful, even when people would ask to clarify things. She basically made us do everything on our own. The TA didn’t even always know what the professor wanted from us.”

In classes that are so open ended like theater arts, direction is usually greatly appreciated. Review: 3/10 Sheep


Physics Department:


Robert Devaty

From claims that “he sux,” to the claim that he is “condescending, doesn’t teach well. Just reads off the slides and makes exams tough to the point where the average was around a 40%,” Devaty seems to be the Grabowksi of the Physics department. Review: 2/10 Sheep


Other Reviews: 

“He stinks at teaching and is a uber condescending ass.”

“He doesn’t explain anything he teaches, his lectures aren’t always relevant to the exams, his exams are incredibly difficult.”


Jewish Studies Department:


Barbara Burnstein

“She’s an ‘old dog’ who seems to absolute refuse to learn any type of new trick. An entire course I took with her was spent by her regurgitating facts from a particular set of notes that seem to be recycled every year.” 

Review: 6/10 Sheep


Chemistry Department:


Joseph Grabowksi

Grabowksi is easily the most responded about professor. Even those who have never taken chemistry know to avoid his class as much as humanely possible. From the “excessive homework, impossible tests, poor lectures…” to the claims that he is the “human equivalent of diarrhea,” maybe you should definitely consider taking another professor’s section for Chem 1.  Rating: 2/10 Sheep


Other reviews:

“Doesn’t give a shit about the class, tests are way beyond classroom material, boring lecturer”


“Dr. Grabowski is a smart guy who really knows his stuff. Sadly, his teaching ability is very poor and he does not present the material in Chem 1 the best manner; his notes are very fast paced, and his attitude towards questions, regardless of how simple or complicated, is that of a pretentious nature. Take Golde.”


“Worst professor I’ve had thus far.  Very conceited and was not there for the students.  Tests were impossible (average was in 50’s on every test) and he never taught the material.   He gave the most basic examples in class and then gave the hardest homework problems and the hardest problems on the test.  I basically taught myself.”


“There is about 6-7 hours worth of homework per week. Lectures are paced extremely fast coupled with the fact he seems unmotivated teaching General Chemistry 1. Tests are extremely difficult; consist of random theories or mathematically questions forcing you to do unnecessay conversions just to start calculating the answer.”


“Total asshole, impossible tests and extra, unnecessary work. Huge curve saved my grade.”


“He’s an asshole and doesn’t teach properly. His tests are astronomically hard and barely cover the material you went over in class. Also is no help with questions and is very condescending.”


Scott Mough

From the looks of it, Mough is better than Grobowski, but not much better. While apparently, “exam material was pulled out of thin air,” which doesn’t sound too unusual, we were also told that “a chimp could run recitations better.” Then there was also that he’s a “very disorganized teacher – unstructured notes and very inconsistent. Exams do not match the lectures or the book and are unnecessarily difficult. He’s also just a jerk – very bad attitude almost all of the time. Horrible, horrible experience. Would not wish him upon my worst enemy.”

Rating: 3/10 Sheep


Other review:

“Horrible professor. Has a chronic inability to teach. Disorganized, sloppy, impossible tests. You might not fail because of the curves but you won’t learn anything. “


Scott Nelson

I’m just going to let this review for his OChem Class speak for itself…

“Hello. Do you like going to every class and studying your ass off and still barely passing? Then you should take Scott Nelson. Tests are the only grades in the class and they are unbelievably difficult. He also grades them like a dick, so good luck. I actually enjoyed lab more and it involved writing dozens of pages for lab reports. I had night terrors the summer after taking him and I still pray for those who have to take him.” …Yikes. Rating:  1/10 Sheep


Margaret Vines

After suffering through exactly two days of Dr. Vines’s class myself (#TBT to my pre-med phase), I can completely agree with the claim that “She taught incorrect material in class…. You did better if you didn’t come to lecture.” Nice lady though. From what I remember of the class, her handwriting was hard to see, so if you’re stuck with her, maybe try sitting in the front. Rating: 4/10 Sheep


Business School:


Robert Atkin

While everyone not in the business school thinks that the business school is super easy, we were told the truth that it’s not all golf games and drinking parties. “He literally made up his class by writing his own book in outline form. It SUCKS!” Rating: 5/10 Sheep


Psychology Department:


Alan Zuckoff

“He’s a fine professor, he’s just a dick,” seems to be a common complaint. Also, “his hair is the best/worst I’ve ever seen…” So, maybe consider an easier professor for the Russian Fairytales or the Natural Science GenEd. Rating: 6/10 Sheep


Biology Department:


Lauren Zapata

Zapata seems to be the essential Pitt biology professor, with “0 wiggle room on exams, throws tricky worded questions at you that she doesn’t expect anyone to get correct. Excessive amount of homework that isn’t always related to the material.”

Rating: 3/10 Sheep


Philosophy Department:


Kathleen Cook

Philosophy, while being completely irrelevant, is also incredibly difficult. Having a terrible professor makes it even worse, and by the sounds of, you should probably avoid Cook. “She does not come prepared to class and also is ridiculous to try to understand. Her lectures go on and on about the same, over-discussed topic, while she leaves out things that are relatively important (at least on Sparknotes).”

Rating: 4/10 Sheep


Sociology Department:


Rachel Kutz-Flamenbaum

“Maybe it’s her. Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s the entire genre of sociology. But, overall, this professor bores her students to tears. She talks forever without connecting anything.”

Enough Said. Rating: 3/10 Sheep


Agriculture Department:


 Laura Sands

Wait, we have an agriculture department? What is this, Penn State? Anyway, according to our sources, Laura Sands “sucks.”


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