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The Black Sheep is Taking Over

Want to join our young media group and our quest to dominate colleges across the country? Throughout your time with us, you’ll gain invaluable experience and create amazing friendships, setting yourself up for success for the future.

You’ll Get Real Experience

Everyone who joins The Black Sheep gains real-world experience in editorial, sales, and marketing years before their peers in the same field. This isn’t a “get me some coffee” position; it’s a “hands-on, work hard, play hard and love every second of it” position.

Set Yourself Up For The Future

It doesn’t stop once you graduate, either. Nearly all of our full-time employees worked for The Black Sheep in college. If you prove to be a kick-ass member of your campus team and we have an opening, you’re first in line to come work for us in Chicago.

open positions

As Chief Campus Editor, you will oversee all aspects of content creation—idea generation, article construction, editing, and article marketing—of The Black Sheep on your campus. Ultimately, you are responsible for making sure you have the best staff in place to create and promote the best local, timely, relevant, funny content possible. In turn you will receive training and support from your corporate-level National Campus Editor. Must be an undergrad student.


Primary Responsibilities:
• Conduct regular meetings with the staff to brainstorm content ideas—print, visual, audio, or video—pertaining to upcoming, relevant on-campus events
• Establish clear deadlines for when content needs to be submitted and when content will be posted.
• Edit and post content in a timely manner to the best of your ability.
• Establish means by which you and your staff can market finished articles through various social media outlets.
• Overseeing a local Social Media Manager and Video Production Manager to ensure they are meeting weekly goals.
• Moderate and actively participate in a private, business-oriented staff-only Facebook group.
• Conduct local job interviews.


• Gain experience 5-10 years before your peers with a young, growing media company that is dedicated to ensuring you succeed.
• Develop and enhance your coaching, delegating, motivating, and creative skill sets.
• Be a part of the core team responsible for launching, developing, and growing The Black Sheep on your campus, an experience that cannot be matched through any other internship.
• Advice and feedback on resumes, cover letters, and interview skills.
• Be considered for a full time position immediately after graduation.
• This is a paid position.



Time Commitment:
5-7 hours a week.





This is an exciting opportunity to gain real world experience with a young, FUN hybrid media and marketing company that is dedicated to helping you build skills that you can utilize in your future career. This is not an internship that brings you on board to make copies or get us coffee- this is a dynamic and challenging internship working in your college market to create relationships with local business owners while building skills in the following areas: Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Communications, New Business Development, Account Management and Customer Service.

This paid internship (commission-based) provides motivated, hard-working and socially active
individuals the opportunity to learn core sales, communication, networking and marketing strategies on an individual level while simultaneously working closely with the local Black Sheep team to help promote our video, digital, social and guerrilla marketing platforms. We also offer internship credit and the opportunity to grow within the company!

Primary Responsibilities:
• Seek out, approach and build relationships with new potential advertisers around the
campus area and gauge their need/ interest in marketing to students on campus

• Educate and excite local businesses about who we are and what platforms we offer to
effectively reach the students
• Suggest advertising options based on the businesses’ needs and how they’re looking to
advertise to the students
• Help negotiate contracts, coordinate media placements and maintain existing business
relationships to ensure that clients are overly satisfied with The Black Sheep
• Work with our corporate management team for professional mentoring
• Attend weekly team meetings and participate in local events/ sponsorships (only applicable
to fall/ spring interns)


• Currently enrolled as an undergraduate

• Minimum 10 hrs/ week (fall/ spring) and 15 hr/ week (summer) during normal business
hours (9am-5pm)
• Must live on or near campus
• Excellent presentation, communication, and problem solving skills
• Ability to WORK HARD and be persistent

• Self-motivated and organized individuals
• Actively involved in campus organizations; socially active in general
• A good sense of humor; MUST love College and The Black Sheep!
• Sales/ Marketing/ Communications experience preferred
• Transportation preferred


As the Guerrilla Marketing Captain for The Black Sheep, you will oversee marketing and distribution efforts for both The Black Sheep and our partner clients. Ultimately you will build brand awareness for The Black Sheep and our clients through paid strategic marketing campaigns customized for your campus. These activities will include organized street team sessions, targeted distribution throughout the campus community, promotional events on campus, and other activities focused on dorms and Greek life.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Hire and manage a marketing team of 2-5 students under you to help ensure successful execution of all marketing activities for both The Black Sheep and our clients.
• Organize and execute street teams, dorm storms, classroom/Greek announcements and other strategic marketing efforts for The Black Sheep and our clients.
• Provide weekly reports and feedback on each week’s marketing activities to the National Marketing Manager.
• Continually seek out new distribution locations while also meeting with necessary people for access within academic buildings, dorms, etc.
Must be able to commit any where from 3 – 12 hours per week during an active campaign.

• Work with national and local brands on strategic marketing campaigns customized for your campus.
• Develop and enhance your coaching, delegating, motivating, and creative skill sets.
• Be a part of the core team responsible for developing, and growing The Black Sheep on your campus, and experience that cannot be matched through any other internship.
• Advice and feedback on resumes, cover letters, and interview skills.
• Further develop needed skills through a custom focused internship during the school year or next summer
• The ability to add management experience to your resume
• Be considered for a full time position after graduation.

Video Production Manager

Video Production Managers will be asked to collaborate with the National Video Manager in the corporate office to outline and execute a video production schedule that sees new campus-focused videos released in 2-week cycles. Video Production Managers will be involved in all campus-based elements of production, from planning, to shooting, to editing, and distribution of video.

Video Production Managers are not expected to own high-end video and audio equipment, but will be expected to utilize available rentals from universities and shops, when necessary.

Unpaid, but we offer internship credit and the opportunity to grow within the company.

Please note that we require a 3-4 hr/ week commitment per week during the school year.


  • Production of locally shot 2-minute comedy videos on a 2-week cycle.
  • Editing of video based on feedback from National Video Manager.
  • Submission of final cut of video by established deadline.
  • Using social media to share published videos.
  • Helping recruit new members to the video team.
  • Attend local weekly meeting with the rest of The Black Sheep
  • Weekly phone conversations with National Video Manager based out of corporate offices in Chicago, IL.

What we’re looking for:

  • Comfortable front-of-camera presence.
  • Video editing familiarity (iMovie or equivalent is acceptable. Adobe suite or equivalent is a bonus.)
  • Willingness to incorporate feedback from National Video Manager.
  • Ability to work as a member of a video team.
  • Outgoing personality.
  • A strong sense of humor.

As a Social Media Manager for The Black Sheep, your goal is to properly manage, promote and grow your school’s The Black Sheep branch through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by overseeing a small team of Content Contributors whose primary focus will be on creating the digital microcontent that students know and love. You do NOT have to submit a resume for this position.


– Grow and maintain a strong, local student following of your campus by creating and scheduling daily original content and interacting with readers and followers through regular, humorous online interaction.

– Recruit and oversee a team of Content Contributors who will be in charge of creating daily/weekly content and/or manning the Twitter for livetweeting during big schoolwide events, such as sports games and other noteworthy local current events.

– Attend weekly The Black Sheep meetings on campus, as well as once weekly phone meetings with your corporate National Social Media Manager.

– Retain a firm grasp on the latest internet trends (memes, music, movies, tv shows) and current events on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Reddit.

– Similarly, it is imperative that you keep up with the latest current events and trends at your school.


– Must have a great sense of humor as well as the ability to recognize why jokes and memes are funny to others, not just yourself.

– Must possess a phone capable of utilizing our social media management platform, Sprout Social, or be very computer-oriented in order to obtain the same results. 

– Must be willing and able to cover the responsibilities of their social team should there be any shortage of staff. 

Time Commitment:

Social Media Managers can expect to spend between 5 – 10 hours per week on the position.


Social Media Contributors are the ones who work to ensure that the tweets, posts and memes keep flowing throughout all social channels. Depending on the current makeup of your school’s social team, a Social Media Contributor may be asked to work a certain amount of days per week where they are most accessible (eg: Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays), or to cover certain events that pertain to the Social Media Contributor’s interests, such as humorously livetweeting for a football or basketball game, or a popular Greek event. In addition, Social Media Contributors who prove themselves are oftentimes first in line for the Social Media Manager position. You do NOT have to submit a resume for this position.

Time Commitment:
While a Social Media Contributor can be as prolific as they’d like, all Social Media Contributors can expect to devote 2-4 hours per week creating, submitting and discussing content with the rest of their team.

In short, student writers write entertaining, social, and above all humorous content for The Black Sheep across all platforms. Writers will be expected to contribute one article (approximately 500 words) each week. Beyond writing, writers are to attend content meetings held every week. This is an unpaid position, but Staff Writers can gain class or internship credit.


Time Commitment:
Writers should estimate spending 2-4 hours per week writing and attending the weekly meeting. These requirements will be higher if you are applying for internship credit to ensure you meet your school’s requirements.




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