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5 Blatant Lies You’re Told During UCF Orientation

Everyone remembers it: clearing out a few days in your calendar and dreading coming to the waste of time that is the UCF Freshman Orientation. Instead of being at home, soaking in every last second of not being an adult, you’re forced to go to campus to hang out with a bunch of people you don’t know to hear about how amazing UCF is going to be. But here are five outright lies UCF told you during orientation.

5.) “Our campus is the most beautiful in the country.”:
The campus literally smells like shit any time they do landscaping work. You’ll be having a peaceful morning in which you actually left with enough time to stop at Wawa for coffee before class. You’ll even feel prepared for that midterm you’re taking later this afternoon. What could possibly ruin your mood? How about the smell of what can only be described as gaseous death for the six hours you’re on campus? Get used to it because the campus will smell like this at least a few days each semester. But hey, at least we have some real nice grass.

4.) “You’ll make a million new friends.”:
You will definitely be meeting all kinds of new people on campus once you begin attending UCF, that part is true. Unfortunately the campus isn’t full of like-minded people that will inevitably become your new best friends. The reality is there are a ton of douchebags out there and you’re gonna meet them, whether it be the roommate that refuses to clean up after themselves or that one guy who takes your desk in class whenever you’re running late.

3.) “You’re going to have the best time of your adult life here.”:
While UCF does offer a lot of fun extracurricular activities and possesses one of the largest student bodies in the country, it’s not all fun and games. You’ll spend most days with crippling anxiety over upcoming assignments or your dwindling bank account, making it near impossible to leave the safety of your dorm before the bars open.

2.) “UCF will help you become an adult.”:
This is by far one of the most untrue things that UCF presents during orientation, UCF students are a completely different breed. Stuck between adolescence and adulthood, you run on caffeine and alcohol and eat food when you can afford it. You’d rather sit at home, smoking weed and watching Always Sunny in its entirety for the fifth time straight. Not exactly the epitome of adulthood.

1.) “UCF classes will be harder than your high school classes.”:
While there are some classes that are extremely difficult and require a lot of time and energy, these classes are in the minority. The outdated stigma that college is way harder than any other schooling you’ll ever take is just inaccurate, and UCF is no exception. Your professors are people too which means they have lives. They have to work when you have to work, so more often than not your professor doesn’t want to read your essay just as much as you didn’t want to write it. This means the workload is often quite light in most college classes.

Sure, our campus isn’t as magical as the tours make it seem. But don’t worry, after you experience the disillusionment of actually starting at UCF, you’ll recall that we have a decent football team and two, count ’em, two places you can get good fried chicken on campus. And what more do you need, really?


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