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5 Excuses Guaranteed to Get You Out of that Shitty Gen Ed Class You Hate at UCF

Everyone who signs up for Economics to get that gen ed requirement out of the way ends up hating their lives by the end of the semester, that’s just a fact. (Unless you’re some freak who’s majoring in Finance and “will actually have a job right out of college” or some pretentious shit like that.) So forego that godawful, packed lecture you hate and uses these excuses instead.

5.) Run-over by a UCF golf cart:
We all see the UCF golf carts on a daily basis, whether it be some maintenance guys getting across campus or a student guide on a tour. Utilize this to your advantage. It is more than obvious that there is no form of training in order to drive these carts, so the idea that someone got hit is not that far fetched. If you really want to sell it, run your own shoe over while you’re parking to really go that extra mile.

4.) Lock keys inside of your car:
This is a very relatable excuse because we all have been there. You’re getting out of the car, close the door, and realize that the keys are staring at you from the drivers seat. In order for this excuse to work though, your backpack has to have been in the locked car. You also need to say that you forewent the locksmith and just had someone bring you your spare set, hence the lack of proof.

3.) You got lost:
This one will be a challenge and requires a bit more creativity. By the end of the semester merely suggesting that you got lost on your way to a class that you’ve attended for the last three months raises a few red flags. You’ll need to claim to be coming from a location that you never frequent. Go-to’s should be the gym or the library. Your professor not only sees you a few times a week but also knows your grades, they know that you neither go to the gym nor library.

2.) Forgot to set clocks back:
Springing the clock forward, or as it translates to college students, losing an hour of sleep, sucks. Everyone hates changing the clocks because it really throws a wrench in the gears of your routine. Now, here in Florida, the question of whether or not we will continue to follow daylight savings hangs in the air. Just claim to be confused by the recent talks of ending daylight savings all together.

1.) Trapped in an elevator:
Although UCF is still under construction, one aspect of the campus that always gets over looked are the dumpy-ass elevators. Some, like the elevators in Parking Garage A or the elevators in Engineering Building One, feel like they pre-date every other aspect of the campus. With that being said, claiming to have gotten stuck in one of these elevators not only gives you a believable excuse, but also makes it really difficult to be call out. No one wants to be the asshole that made someone prove that they got stuck in an elevator.

So next time you are really too hungover to go to class just remember these excuses, they are guaranteed to get you out of your miserable Astronomy/Comp I/Art History lecture anytime.

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