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5 Life Hacks to Make Any Knight’s Summer Bearable

Some college students are lucky enough not to take those pesky UCF summer classes, but some Knights stick around in the peak of Florida’s summer heat (which somehow feels hotter every year). Here are some tips from summer Knights that can help you survive a summer on campus.

5.) Pool day… at the reflection pond?
Let’s face it, when the reflection pond was working a billion years ago, it looked super enticing to those Knights suffering from the 53rd heat wave of the day. Spirit Splash feels years away and a dip in the pond can’t be too bad, right? Though campus cops may not appreciate the idea, it’s an amazing way to cool off. If the reflection pond ever comes back, that is. Maybe in 2065, Knights can revisit this idea.

4.) The heat can’t reach you if you’re inside:
Stay inside at all costs. Outside is another world of its own, the seventh level of the Inferno. Some Knights like to play the old game of “the floor is lava”, but switch it up so that the general outside world is lava. Try to make the heat fun, even if you haven’t left Classroom Building II for days.

3.) Stay up to date on all the weird shit happening at UCF:
There’s literally always something happening on campus, even in the summer. Whether it’s yet another animal sighting or more dancing fruit on Memory Mall, there’s always something to stare at in disbelief. UCF continues to become more unique as ever. Maybe Rat Man will surprise us again, since UCF’s favorite vigilante has been quiet recently.

2.) Set a calendar notification for those $1 Cone Days:
Knights’ favorite things: ice cream and cheap things. Those $1 cone days save the moods of thousand Knights every Wednesday. The most key life hack is to set an alarm for those special days to look forward to spending the last couple dollars in your account on some decadence. Whether you’re a commuter or you have lived the last five years in the same apartment, the ice cream will thankfully always be there for you. We’ll always pour one out for you, Topper’s.

1.) Annoy your roommate enough to make them move out early:
This is a key life hack to anyone dealing with a bad roommate experience since the fall. If they’re hanging around, complaining about anything and everything, just annoy them into the oblivion. Set an alarm for the most random times, hide their silverware, whatever it takes. Always a good idea to keep in mind, so the rest of your summer semester can be spent in peace.

Being on campus or anywhere else in the state of Florida for the whole summer sucks. But there are ways to make it fun. Most of them will make you a fat piece of shit by the fall, but at least you won’t have to exercise, socialize, or actually better your life in any way.


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