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5 People at UCF You Most Definitely Have a Snapchat Streak With

People take their scores very serious, some friendships even end over lost streaks. At UCF, having a Snapchat streak with at least a couple of people is essential to make your college life easier. Here are 5 people you probably send a red ‘S’ as a way of communicating that you’re casually acquainted.

5.) Your professor who’s actually just a grad student:
You take teacher’s pet to a whole new level. On the first day of class, this guy insisted that email was overrated and if you needed to contact him, just snap him. You’ve lost the streak a couple times, but you’re currently going good with 16 days. Don’t get too attached though, because you’ll probably block him after finals.

4.) That one kid you who let you sit on their hammock:
You’re most likely broke, so affording to buy a hammock isn’t in your near future. Lucky for you, you became instant BFFs with a hammock owner. They asked you to watch their hammock one day, and you took your shot. You made sure you got their Snapchat, and you currently have a 23-day streak of just pictures of their hammock. Your streak looks like it has a pretty good chance of surviving too.

3.) The girl who sends you her biology notes:
You made sure you got her snap the second you met her, and now here you are going 103 days strong. Most of your snaps consist of you getting the homework answers, but you’ll have the occasional “I want to drop out” snap. With the relationship you’ve built, you’ll definitely keep the streak going after the class ends.

2.) That one kid who cries with you at the John C. Hitt Library:
Let’s be real here, we all know that everyone needs a good cry at least once a day. The best place to cry usually is in the John C. Hitt Library. It has all those thick books to soundproof your whimpers. The two of you met by you giving them a tissue for their tears, and the rest is history. With a snap score of 67 days, we’d say it’s pretty likely that this friendship will never end.

1.) Your professor who’s old enough to be your grandpa:
This is a totally different relationship than the one with your young, hip professor. Instead, this guy just got an iPhone and his grandchildren downloaded Snapchat for him. He put his username on the board, @thec00lteach69, and you added him just in case he posted extra credit assignments to his story. You actually have a snap streak of 7 whole days and you’re confident it’ll go strong until one of you dies, which you’re also confident is any day now for him.

Some people take their streaks more serious than their job or school. Blood has been spilled in order to save the little fire emoji next to the names of people you don’t even talk to. If you don’t have an 81-day streak with your professor or the girl from your class, then what are you waiting for? Get out there and start some streaks!

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