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5 Perks of Making the RWC Your Summer Vacation Home

Tuition isn’t the only thing that costs an arm, a leg, and your unborn child. Student housing is next in line to break your bank. Everyone knows that campus is usually a ghost town during the summer, so why not take advantage of the places that are usually swamped with other students. The one place on campus that is definitely perfect to live in this summer is the RWC. Not only will moving in save you money, but it also has its perks to be almost as good as living in student housing.

5.) Make some cash by fake training confused sorority girls:
Making money in the privacy of your own home, or the RWC, in this case, can be very convenient. It’s very easy to become a fake gym trainer, especially to a sorority girl. Just tell them Chad and Brad think that they’re cute, and that will be enough motivation. They might even pay you extra if you do a photo shoot of them working out for their Snap story.

4.) Free showers and toilet paper:
Tired of having to take cold showers and buy the cheap toilet paper? Never have to deal with that again now that your new home is fully stocked with decent toilet paper and an endless stream of hot water. The toilet paper might feel cheap but eventually, you’ll remember how cheap toilet paper is better than no toilet paper, and it’ll feel like you’re wiping your ass with gold.

3.) Have a pile of yoga mats to double as your bed:
If you’ve ever slept in a college dorm, you know how extremely hard the bed that comes with the room is. That spring-less, so-called mattress doesn’t even compare to a stack of yoga mats. Your back will be so used to sleeping on what feels like the floor, that the cushion will feel like your sleeping on the clouds.

2.) Finally have an excuse to work out:
Having a view of the RWC from your dorm window might not motivate you to go workout, but sleeping next to the treadmill might. By living in the RWC for the summer, you have all the reasons to finally start to work out again. During fall and spring semester, you told your friends you “didn’t have time,” or “didn’t want to walk to the RWC,” but there’s nothing stopping you now.

1.) Still have access to the school’s free Wi-Fi:
Let’s be honest, sharing a shitty internet connection at a shitty apartment complex sucks. By living at the RWC you don’t have to commit to being a studious student and only using the Wi-Fi for school. You can save money and use it to stream Netflix all day long without having to worry about your mom bugging you about using all the data. Plus, the connection of the Wi-Fi will be stronger than ever with the lack of other students hogging it to tweet and snapchat.

Now that you are aware of the one place you probably dreaded going to, is actually the best place to live at during the summer, will you settle for the yoga mats, or continue sleeping on that thing student housing calls a bed?


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