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5 Places You Can Catch Rat Man in Action on Campus

UCF has been lucky enough to get its own crime-stopping superhero protecting the campus from bike thieves and other wrongdoers. This hero is known simply as Rat Man. With a new vigilante on campus making a huge splash across social media, many students want to catch Rat Man in action on campus. Here are five places that you are likely to see Rat Man on UCF’s Campus.

5.) Sewer grates by the Student Union:
If you’re ever walking around the Union after that last evening class, after the sun has set and the only light is coming from the street lamps, you might notice the lamps reflecting off something in the sewers. Upon further inspection, you might also realize that it’s none other than Rat Man. As soon as you’ve noticed him though he’ll be gone, probably off to train some other half human, half animal vigilantes.

4.) RWC:
We’ve all seen the photos and footage of Rat Man and we know that he’s freaking ripped! You don’t get that way by just hanging out with some mutants in the sewers, he obviously lifts. So next time you’re looking to run into Rat Man, just go check out the gym. You may find him there training for his next super villain battle.

3.) “Scary” alley behind the Chick-fil-A:
Rat Man has already made his presence known on campus with his heroism in stopping a bike theft on campus. Rat Man appears where crime is happening and where he is needed. Start checking out some of the shadier, crime-ridden areas of the campus. Alleyways are magnets for crime, and hanging out behind the Chick-fil-A in the breezeway is the closest thing to a dark alley on campus. Maybe you’ll get lucky and a random mugger will attempt to rob you, causing Rat Man to appear and rescue you.

2.) Around the Chemistry Building:
The true origins of Rat Man are still yet to be determined, but it is speculated that he could be a UCF experiment gone wrong, leading many to believe that he was born in some lab in the bowels of UCF. So far Rat Man has been sighted a few times hanging around here. Maybe he’s patrolling for crime, maybe he’s working on breaking out any other “experiments” from the same labs. Either way, if you’re looking for Rat Man, this is a good place to start.

1.) Dumpsters:
Rat Man is half man, half rat. If you are looking for him you need to think like a rat. What do rats like? Garbage. Check out the dumpsters around campus, especially those nasty ones behind the Union. There are all kinds of treasures for rats hidden inside dumpsters so you’re likely to find Rat Man rifling through the trash, looking for his next meal, or maybe even trying to find his next crime fighting accessory. Remember one man’s trash is another Rat’s treasure.

Next time you have a few extra minutes on campus or if you finally decided to join the Rat Man hype train, check out these areas. You are more than likely to spot our beloved half man, half rat vigilante going about his daily routine.

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