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5 Possible Origin Stories of UCF’s Beloved Rat Man

Central Florida’s favorite vigilante has been hot on the news. He is of course, Rat Man, the rattiest of all men, the hero UCF Knights never knew they needed. Though some question what Rat Man actually does, not many wonder where he is from. All superheroes have their origin stories, Spider-Man with his spider bite, the Flash with his lightning. But where does Rat Man come from? Here are five of his possible origin stories.

5.) My Life as a Somewhat Adult Rat/Human Hybrid:
Rat Man. Before he was Rat Man, he was living his casual Knight life, with some nasty ass roommates and a rat problem. Instead of trying to conquer the problem, he befriended the rats to learn their ways, and their culture. Nothing but normal in UCF living. Maybe he loved Ratatouille too much, but never really got the hang of cooking, and also really loves Law and Order.

4.) Rat poisoning:
Rat Man’s roommates didn’t feel the same way about his tendencies, and decided to sprinkle some magic powder to deter pesky rats from getting in the dorms. But maybe some unknown vendettas were also upheld and someone slipped it in to his two-day-old Lazy Moon leftovers. Rat Man’s face, fur, and tail grew overnight, and the rest is history.

3.) Just fuckin’ loves rats:
We all knew that girl that was obsessed with horses in elementary school, maybe you were that girl. No shame, really. Just a little bit more weirder to be a twenty-something obsessed with rats. Rat Man wanted to be a little closer to his roots and makes a makeshift costume to… fight crime? Hey, no shame Rat Man, wherever you are.

2.) Accidentally drank some Spirit Splash water:
The fountain is UCF’s personal eighth wonder of the world, when it works, you know? During Spirit Splash, when the Fountain was totally not safe, that so called sinkhole allowed some radioactive material into the already college kid contaminated water. Rat Man, while being drowned in the most fun way possible, ingested some of that yummy concoction and it altered his brain activity so bad he started wanting to dress up like a rat?

1.) Bitten by a Student Union squirrel:
Maybe we’re all identifying Rat Man incorrectly, and he actually wants to be called Rodent Man, because of his squirrel cousins running across the bridge between Student Union and Memory Mall. All Knights know those squirrels are relentless and fear nothing, so maybe Rat Man and a squirrel got into a tussle over a leftover chicken tender from Huey Magoos and lost. Rat Man is just trying to avenge his lost chicken tender, but became known for stopping a bike theft. The world works in mysterious ways!

Every superhero has a badass origin story, or in this case a really dumb one based on limited comic book knowledge and zero idea how science or mutation actually work. But however Rat Man came to be, we’re glad he’s keeping our campus safe today.

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