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5 Reasons Why UCF Football’s Actually Good Now!


If you previously thought, “What’s the point of even going to the game? We’re gonna lose anyway,” after nursing that nice tailgate drunk, it may be time you reconsider. UCF football actually pretty damn good this year and it’s about time you got used to it, damn it. If you make it to a game, you’re likely to see our Knights go medieval on some bitches. Our Golden Knights are kickin’ some serious ass this year and you should be stoked. Here’s why:


5.) Good ol’ karma:
When Hurricane Irma smashed against Florida, two UCF Football games were cancelled (boooo, Irma, boooo). But that didn’t stop Coach Frost and his players from working: Orlando’s Hometown Team hosted the National Guard in the football team’s training facility and helped the local community, rackin’ up those sweet, sweet Karma points in doing so. Some thought it’d be difficult for UCF to shape up after Irma. Boy, were they wrong.


4.) Mercy? What mercy?:
The karma points seem to have a nice exchange rate with touchdowns, since UCF has scored some serious points in the last few games. The Knights have shown that there’s little room for mercy on the field as they’ve dominated every single team they’ve gone up against. Literally every single opponent thus far has been absolutely obliterated by our QB, McKenzie Milton and his friends. Look at these freakin’ numbers:

  • Aug 31, vs. FIU: W 61 – 17
  • Sept 23, vs. Maryland: W 38 – 10
  • Sept 30, vs. Memphis: W 40 – 13
  • Oct. 7, vs. Cincinnati: W 51 – 23
  • Oct. 14, vs. East Carolina: W 63 – 21 

The Knights haven’t scored less than 30 points in any of their 5 games… No one’s even come close to scoring HALF as many! Does the mercy rule exist in College Football? It looks like we’re on way to finding out.



3.) Milton is money and he ain’t stingy:
In 5 games, Milton’s only thrown less than 300 yards twice! His arm cannon continually finds the receivers and isn’t picky about it at all. This is a team that truly digs playing as a team. During the Homecoming game against East Carolina, Milton found NINE different players to carry the pigskin into the end zone. NINE. It’s like Milton’s makin’ it rain on the field! Someone please call Fat Joe and Lil’ Wayne.


2.) Dat o-Line tho:
The Knights’ offensive line gets better and better every week. The can protect McKenzie and the runners, all while slapping our opponents’ defense around and calling them names. In the whole of the NCAA, prior to the Homecoming game, UCF was ranked number No. 4 in fewest sacks allowed after having allowed a single sack this whole season. Dat’s nuts, son.


1.) Coach Frost knows his shit:
It’s the team’s second year with Coach Scott Frost and the effect is insane. UCF is now ranked No. 20 by both the AP Poll and the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, which is just a fancy way of saying people are starting to notice that the Knights can play ball, and we’re only climbing up the ranks. But Frost has brought the team together, and they’re workin’ like a well-oiled, touchdown machine. Since 1988, UCF has never started a season with a record better than 3-0… We’re 5-0 now, bitches.


The UCF Knights seem unstoppable on the gridiron right now. And now that we’ve got those sweet new space uniforms, we really look good. We look outta this world.



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