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5 Things UCF Knights Do When No One is Looking

All Knights have their dead giveaways that make their Knighthood as obvious as the fact that construction on our Central Florida campus will really never end. With myths and inside jokes aside, Knights always dream of doing the unthinkable. And some do. But no one really knows if they don’t see it, right? Here are five things every Knight has done when no one was around to judge them for it.

5.) Step on the sacred seal after hours:
Knights have constantly heard the myth of the Student Union seal in the center of campus, which is thankfully sectioned off. The myth entails: Whoever steps on the Pegasus seal will not graduate. Some say it sounds like a big ass lie, but still don’t dare to try it. After all of the daily chaos passes, students summon up all of their courage to see if the myth’s fate will become true. Whether it’s a toe poke or a gallop across the seal, you’ll find out your fate in the years to come shortly after you sneak a baby step.

4.) Check Knightro out:
Face it, all Knights have wondered what Knightro looks like without the costume, maybe in the costume if that’s what you’re into. He is everywhere and anywhere, from your daily crying in the second floor of the Student Union, to the hour long wait in Starbucks. Knightro is kinda thick, you know? No shame, no one is looking.

3.) Jump in the elevator in Towers to see if it’ll break down for the 53rd time today:
Knights that live in Towers know the elevators are on their last limb, with the screeching and rattling heard from the inside. On the off chance Knights are alone in the elevators, some try to jump on it to see if it will really break down for the 53rd time today. Sometimes they do succeed, and are stuck to wait it out. At least you can tell your friends you were the cause of the most recent elevator break down. As if that’s an achievement.

2.) Venture to the fourth floor of the John C. Hitt Library:
It’s been a long night, students have walked from Millican to CBII twice today and their feet are aching. Some head home, but some aim to be the most productive Knights around and go to the library. Except today, Knights are heading to the floors of the John C. Hitt Library that no one has dared to cross into, for even breathing is forbidden there because it’s too loud.

1.) Endeavor closer than ever before to UCF’s wildlife:
From the Squirrels on the Bridge between Student Union and the Mall, to the bears in Knights’ Plaza, Knights infiltrate the animals habitat that probably houses some radioactive chemical, because these animals aren’t normal. Squirrels will square up for your last chicken tender, and honestly with their menacing eyes, they usually win. Bears, dogs, frogs, whatever you dream of, there is probably a sighting at UCF.

On one of the largest campuses in the nation, sometimes the best place to hide your sinful or embarrassing behavior is right under everyone else’s noses. Just make sure to take down your stalker photo collection of Knightro and hide your UCF wildlife encounter journal before you have anyone over.

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